Why ‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’ Remains on the Restored Prado Dam Mural

Ever wondered why, as we stand on the brink of celebrating 250 years of freedom, the phrase “200 YEARS OF FREEDOM” proudly remain on the Prado Dam mural in 2023? As the company entrusted with the restoration of the Prado Dam Mural, we’ve been asked this question quite a bit. And we understand the community’s curiosity. As long-time supporters and painters of the restored mural, we want to shed light on the factors that influenced the decision to preserve this powerful phrase on the mural. Join us to discover why this tribute to the Bicentennial remains on the mural as we provide insights into its enduring presence.

A Mural of the People, for the People

For many individuals, the Prado Dam mural holds a special place in their hearts. It represents more than just artwork. It stands as a powerful reminder of the Bicentennial – the greatest volunteer movement in peacetime history. Crafted in 1976 by 30 high school students, the mural became a remarkable grassroots effort. The whole community came together to support the students’ creative endeavors and commemorate the nation’s 200th birthday. The phrase “200 years of freedom” featured on the mural serves as a remarkable symbol of that time, capturing the spirit of unity and progress that defined the Bicentennial era.

Community’s Resolute Efforts

The strong connection between the community and the Prado Dam mural is evident in the overwhelming support it has received. For over a decade, countless individuals have joined hands to safeguard this beloved piece of history. The outpouring of support is undeniable, with nearly 40,000 people signing a petition to save the vintage mural. This widespread sentiment showcases the community’s deep appreciation and recognition of its importance.

Their collective efforts demonstrated the unwavering sentiment within the community to protect and preserve this cherished artwork. The community’s dedication was further demonstrated during a pivotal meeting held in 2015 by the Army Corps of Engineers. Over 350 individuals attended to endorse the restoration of the Prado Dam mural.

The community’s commitment to preserving the vintage mural is a key reason ‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’ remains at Prado Dam. Any discussions about updating the mural to reflect the upcoming milestone of 250 years of freedom were overridden by the community’s overwhelming support for maintaining its vintage design.

Historical Significance

Preserving the mural’s message for future generations played a significant role in the decision to retain the vintage design. The vintage mural holds deep historical significance. It serves as a timeless reminder of the remarkable Bicentennial Celebrations – the greatest volunteer movement in peacetime history – encapsulating the essence of that extraordinary era.

By keeping the vintage design intact, the mural becomes a time capsule, transporting future generations to this pivotal moment in our nation’s history. It’s a tangible link to the past, allowing future generations to forge a connection with the spirit of unity and celebration that defined the time. It stands as a vivid testament to our resilience, courage, and progress as a nation.

Vintage Bicentennial Mural Restored at Prado Dam
Vintage Design of Bicentennial Mural Restored at Prado Dam in 2023

The community loves this mural, but its design holds more than just sentimental value. Lawsuits aimed to protect it highlighted its historic importance. Yet, despite the community’s fight, the mural was denied listing on the National Register of Historic Places. One pivotal reason was its age; it hadn’t reached the 50-year mark. By restoring the vintage mural on Prado Dam this 2023, it will shine brightly for its 50th birthday in 2026. The mural will not only celebrate its 50th birthday rejuvenated but may also find its path to re-eligibility for historic status.


In conclusion, the phrase “200 YEARS OF FREEDOM” proudly remains on the Prado Dam mural in 2023 due to the community’s overwhelming support and recognition of its historical significance. This beloved artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the Bicentennial era and the greatest volunteer movement in peacetime history. As we celebrate 250 years of freedom, let us cherish the enduring legacy preserved on the Prado Dam mural. Together, we preserve its inspiring message for generations to come.

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