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As a homeowner in Orange County, you might notice wood on your home's exterior looks damaged or rotted. This is often due to dry rot, a common issue  in Orange County that we regularly repair during our exterior painting prep. Dry rot happens when moisture gets into the wood, causing it to weaken and decay. Unfortunately, this can also attract termites, which thrive on softened wood. The termites will start eating the soft wood, making the damage even worse. Both dry rot and termite damage can lead to significant structure damage and costly repairs if not addressed promptly and properly. To avoid costly wood repair or having to replace the wood altogether, it’s important to address the issue quickly. Especially with all the rain we've had this year, homeowners in Orange County should check their home's exterior wood for signs of dry rot or termite damage.

Not sure what to look for? Here are some examples of damaged wood we've encountered in Orange County homes:

Fungus Spores Under Eaves

Rotted Wood on Fascia

Termite Damage on Patio Cover

Peeling & Cracked Paint Along Fascia and siding caused by Dry Rot

Damaged wood that is cracked

Cracks around windows & doors

If you’re in Orange County and have found areas on your home’s exterior that you believe have dry rot or termite damage, please feel free to call us at 866-986-9781 or fill out our form online.


how Do I know If I have Dry rot Or Need Wood Repair?

Dry rot and termite damage are problems that can often be seen on a home's exterior. Wood repairs are necessary when you start to see any sign of damage. Catching it early is the best way to minimize damage and limit costly expenses. Here are signs that your wood is in need of repair: 

Wood appears to have fungi on it.

It feels damp when you touch it.

There's a musty smell around the wood.

The wood is cracked or deteriorating.

Paint is peeling or chipping.

where does dry rot typically occur?

Dry rot and termite damage are issues that occur in home's all over Orange County, CA. We often encounter dry rot in the following areas:

Patio Covers, Porch columns & Posts

Eaves & Fascia

Beams That Extend Beyond Fascia

Wood Trim Around Garage, Windows & Exterior Doors


Wooden Sheds

Near Gutters

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Termite Damage & dry rot Wood Repair services

At One Way Painting, we specialize in providing dry rot and wood repair for termite damaged wood in Orange County. We know how important good prep work is for effective wood repair. That's why we take the proper amount of time needed to ensure each project is done right.

Before and After Wood Siding Repair




Before and After Dry Rot Repair On fascia & Siding



Before and After Dry Rot Repair On Trim & Siding




Before and After Dry Rot Repair on beams under eaves




We thought perhaps we needed a carpenter to come first but after reading Angie's List reviews, we knew that One Way would be our answer

Jo Anne B. | via Angi

Our 33-year-old home badly needed an exterior paint job. There was a lot of deteriorated wood trim and siding including dry rot and termite damage. We thought perhaps we needed a carpenter to come first but after reading Angie's List reviews, we knew that One Way would be our answer to one-stop shopping for beautifying the outside of our home. The job was immense (3200 sq. ft. house) but the crew (Antonio and Juan) was incredibly thorough and meticulous. The job took longer than expected (thanks to extra repairs), but the crew never hurried or rushed and just kept plugging away making our house amazing. Our expectations, which were quite high to begin with, were exceeded! We plan to live in this house for years to come and we wanted a finished product that would last us a decade and we feel we received that. Jeff McCabe, the owner, is very professional, always available, humble and fair. We requested the highest quality paint (Dunn Edwards Evershield), but Jeff said that's One Way's standard paint--no mark up! Jeff didn't take one dime from us until the job was completely done to our satisfaction. With the wood repair and the rich, quality paint, our house looks brand new!

Our Process

We begin with a thorough inspection to pinpoint all affected areas. If the wood requires replacement, we will note this on your estimate and provide a local referral to a wood replacement expert that can help with your specific needs. Our process involves thoroughly removing all rotted wood, filling cracks, sanding the wood, and sealing gaps. Sealing and painting the wood after repairs is essential to protect your wood and prevent future damage. We use a top-of-the-line primer-sealer-stainblocker that offers excellent adhesion, mildew resistance, and sealing properties. 

First, we remove all rotted wood to prevent further spread of the decay.

We replace damaged wood with high quality epoxy compound.

We'll fill all cracks and gaps around windows and doors with premium caulking.

After this, we sand the wood to ensure a smooth and even surface.

Dry Rot - After

Using top of the line primer/sealer, we Spot prime and seal all wood patches to protect against future moisture.

Finally, we paint the wood with the finest paint from dunn edwards or sherwin williams for a durable finish.

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Please feel free to call One Way Painting at 866-986-9781 to schedule dry rot repair services for your Orange County home.

In many situations, our painters can repair wood by filling it with a quality epoxy compound. While we can address dry rot in most homes we visit, there are instances where wood damage is structural and replacement is necessary. We do not provide wood replacement services, but we will include a local referral in your estimate, ensuring you get the best solution for your home.

Wood siding on Orange County homes should typically be painted every 5-10 years. Homes closer to the coast, such as in Corona del Mar, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, and Laguna Niguel, may need more frequent maintenance due to extra moisture and wind exposure. However, homes throughout Orange County can suffer from dry rot, especially if there are issues like improperly working gutters or damaged flashing that cause eaves and fascia to get wet more often. Regularly inspect your home and address any signs of damaged or decaying wood promptly. 

paint tray, brush and paint can on masked floor

Materials Used

Upon request, customer preferred brand. Please click on the icons below to learn more about these products:

Dunn Edwards Paints
Sherwin Williams Paints

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