Safeguarding the Prado Dam Spillway Project: An Insight into Our Insurance & Safety Protocols

The Prado Dam, with its historical Bicentennial Mural, is a symbol of resilience and heritage. As you may know, we at One Way Painting – the Best Dam Painting Company around, were tasked with its restoration. This was such an honor for us, but we also recognized the weight of responsibility resting on our shoulders. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the insurance and safety measures that ensured a stress-free and safe experience on the Prado Dam spillway project.

Getting Cleared to Work at Prado Dam: Selection Process

Wondering about the selection process for the Prado Dam spillway project? It was both comprehensive and exacting. Being chosen to restore such an iconic piece required more than just enthusiasm. It demanded expertise, preparation, and a rigorous approval process.

The Prado Dam spillway isn’t any neighborhood wall—it’s a monumental landmark, overseen by the US Army Corps of Engineers, with stringent standards for anyone seeking to work on or around it.

Especially at a location as intricate as the Prado Dam, this was pivotal in maintaining trust and operational transparency. Our unwavering commitment to adhering strictly to regulations ensured we maintained a comprehensive insurance safety net tailored for the restoration project. This meticulous preparation showcased to The Riverside County Flood Control and Water District that we were the exemplary choice for this esteemed endeavour.

Below, we detail these stringent insurance and licensing criteria that certified our company as the prime candidate for this prestigious project.


State License: More than a mere paperwork exercise, our state license represents a commitment to industry standards and continued learning. A non-negotiable for such a grand venture, our state license is #372767.

Insurance Galore

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: This covers our workers in case of any accidents on-site, and for our clients, it means peace of mind knowing that any mishaps with workers won’t fall on their shoulders.
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance: No one anticipates a claim of company negligence, but in the rare event it arises, we’re prepared. This ensures smooth sailing, without homeowners or businesses bearing the brunt of any unforeseen issues.
  • Commercial General Liability: A drop of paint in the wrong place can spell a world of stress. Whether there’s an accidental paint spill on a pricey carpet or property damages, our catch-all insurance ensures that our clients don’t bear any unexpected costs.
  • Coverage for Bodily Injury & Property Damage: Accidents happen. In the off-chance that a misstep occurs, causing injury or property damage, we have it covered. Our clients never have to deal with the fallout of unexpected incidents on their watch, making their partnership with us worry-free.
  • Automobile Insurance: Our duty doesn’t start and end at the project site. Whether it’s transporting materials or moving our crew, our comprehensive automobile insurance ensures that every leg of our service to you remains steadfastly secure, removing any doubts or concerns.

Prioritizing Safety at Prado Dam

When you see the massive face of the Prado Dam spillway, one thing becomes abundantly clear – there can be no compromise on safety. For one thing, the dam is 160 feet tall. But what made it truly challenging was the spillway’s 40-degree angle. This didn’t just give us an extra workout, but also meant we needed to be extremely safe during the restoration. We strictly followed all federal, state and county rules as well as the safety regulations stipulated by the Riverside County Flood Control and Water District, which included the following measures:

Prado Dam spillway
Prado Dam with our restoration team scaling down the spillway
  • 10-Day Safety Training: Every member of our team, all 11, underwent a rigorous 10-day safety training. While only a handful would be on-site, we believe in being prepared. With topics ranging from confined space entry to crane operations, we ensured that every box was checked and that our team was well prepared for their work on the spillway.
  • Fall Restraint Systems: Personal fall restraint was essential at Prado Dam. Each member of our team had to wear a fall protection harness while on the dam.
  • Prevention & Emergency Plans: We crafted a 12-page accident prevention plan, along with an equally extensive emergency action plan.
  • Environmental Health & Safety Measures: We committed, in writing, to maintain impeccable cleanliness standards and protecting the adjacent areas from debris.


The Prado Dam restoration was more than just a painting project; it was a dance of diligence, safety, and commitment. At One Way Painting, we believe in transparency and letting our clients peek behind the curtains to understand our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our work. Whether it’s a historic dam or a home’s living room, our commitment remains unwavering.