Safety First!


Painting isn’t an inherently dangerous activity, but it’s always best to follow best practices. Carelessness is the quickest way to get injured or into trouble when doing any project and painting is no exception. All painters should carry with them: Gloves, safety goggles, dust mask, and respirator. They are not to be worn at all times during the job, but should be available if needed. When hiring a painting company or contractor, it’s extremely important to feel comfortable with the safety techniques the company enforces.

One Way Painting takes safety seriously. We want to protect our crews, and protect our customers at all times during the job. In addition to the full insurance and liability coverage, Jeff McCabe has provided extensive training for his employees to ensure that they are knowledgeable and protected at all times. Our crews have been given respirator training, ladder safety training, safety goggle training, and more. We like to ensure that our employees are educated also in the possible hazards that can occur on a painting job such as: Electrical, flammable materials (i.e. oily rags), trip hazards, and fall protection.

No all painting contractors take these steps. If you’re looking for a painter, ask them about their safety procedures. Also make sure to check the status of their contractors license, as this may also verify their standards of care when it comes to painting.