the 4th of July 2023 at Prado Dam

Lighting Up History: The 4th of July at Prado Dam 2023

If you’ve ever been in awe of the magnificent mural on the Prado Dam, we’ve got some exciting news for you! For one night only, on the 4th of July 2023, the iconic Prado Dam Mural will be shimmering in a new light. Thanks to the efforts of the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this emblematic piece of our local heritage will get its moment under the spotlight!

This mural reminds us of the importance of unity, progress, and, of course, freedom. And what better time to celebrate it than the 4th of July! Come see the newly restored mural in its full grandeur, for this one night only.

Newly Restored Prado Dam Mural

First things first: for those of you unfamiliar with the Prado Dam Mural, here’s a quick catch-up. It’s not just a beautiful mural; it’s a testament to our community’s spirit. Originally painted by Corona high school students in 1976, it was recently restored in 2023 thanks to an incredible community effort. Our team at One Way Painting (aka the Best Dam Painters around) finished repainting the vintage mural in May 2023.

Lighting Up the Night on 4th of July 2023!

As dusk settles on the 4th of July 2023, something extraordinary awaits Riverside’s residents and visitors alike. In an impressive feat, the expansive and intricate Prado Dam Mural will be lit up for this special event. Behind this dazzling display is the remarkable collaboration between the Riverside County Flood Control and the dedicated team at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

A Grand Spectacle For Evening Commuters

If you’re planning a drive in the evening, make sure your route offers a view of Prado Dam. The mural will come alive in a way that it never has before. Trust us; it’s going to look amazing. The colors, the lights, the energy – it’ll be something to remember.

A Must-See Event!

For everyone, whether you’ve walked by the mural a hundred times or it’s your first glimpse, July 4th 2023 is the day to see it in a whole new light. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Missed the Event? No Worries!

While many had the privilege to witness the Prado Dam Mural’s grand illumination on the 4th of July 2023, we understand some missed out. But here’s some good news: the night’s mesmerizing glow hasn’t faded away! Thanks to the aerial expertise of drone pilot Alan Sturm, even those who couldn’t be there in person can now experience the mural’s stunning luminescence.

Dive into the spectacular images sourced from Alan Sturm’s drone to relive the night’s magic. The mural’s glow, combined with Alan’s exceptional photography, creates an almost surreal viewing experience. So, while the 4th of July at Prado Dam might be a memory now, the enchanting moments it brought can be experienced right here.

A Night to Remember!

There you have it, folks! From its historical roots in 1976 to its breathtaking revival this year, the Prado Dam Mural has been a symbol of our town’s heart and soul. This 4th of July was more than just fireworks in the sky. It was about the glow of community pride right here on the ground. Thanks to Alan Sturm, we can all hold onto that brilliant moment, feeling the energy, love, and unity every time we look at those images.