Prado Dam Mural Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Plaque Awarded to Veteran Air

Together We Paint a Legacy: Thanking Patriotic Sponsors Of Restored Prado Dam Mural Near Corona

The patriotic Prado Dam Mural, a treasured landmark painted by Corona high students in 1976, has been splendidly restored to its vintage glory in 2023. This revival wasn’t the achievement of a single hand but the result of a unified community effort, with the journey to save the Prado Dam Mural being as vast as the mural itself. Spanning decades, it’s hard to capture every blessed soul who played a part, but we’ll do our best. From elected officials to devoted non-profits and generous sponsors, people from all walks of life came together to make it possible. The result? The iconic mural, glowing and renewed! Together, let’s acknowledge and celebrate those who made it happen. Read on as we, at One Way Painting, extend our heartfelt thanks to the sponsors, donors, volunteers, and steadfast supporters of the Prado Dam Mural.

1976 Corona High School Students and Community

We kick things off by giving a massive shout-out to the pioneers of the Prado Dam Mural: the 30 Corona High School students and the entire community who brought the mural to life during the Bicentennial era. Their commitment and creativity laid the foundation of this mural, with many also playing pivotal roles in its restoration. We are immensely grateful for their passionate support in preserving this timeless piece of art.

A special thank you goes out to Terry Smith Ferguson. Her visionary idea for a mural on the Prado Dam spillway sparked this amazing project. We also thank Jackie (Deegan) Travis, an original painter and supporter. Jackie even spoke at a city council meeting, voicing her support for saving the mural. Terri and Jackie were integral to the mural’s restoration. When they reunited with the organizers of the original mural after nearly 40 years, it brought renewed energy to the restoration efforts. We also honor the memory of Dave DiPaolo, the Corona High School activities director in 1976. He was present at the reunion and continues to be commemorated on the restored mural through a sponsored letter. Together, their collective efforts have brought new life to this cherished artwork, enriching our community for years to come.

original painters of Prado Dam Mural reunite for restoration efforts
From left to right: Ron Kammeyer (designer), Jackie Cherrington (mural supporter), Terry Smith (original painter), Dave DiPaolo (activities director), Jackie Deegan (original painter)

Mural’s Designers: The Visionaries Behind the Art

Let’s give it up for the mural’s designers, Ron Kammeyer and Perry Schaefer. Their remarkable vision and creativity not only brought the community together in 1976 but also left behind a lasting legacy. Beyond their contributions to the mural’s patriotic design, these former Corona high students were central in the fight to see the Prado Dam Mural restored.

Original designers for Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural, Ron Kammeyer and Perry Schaefer unite once again to save the beloved mural.
Original designers for Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural, Ron Kammeyer and Perry Schaefer unite once again to save the beloved mural.

Ron Kammeyer

Ron Kammeyer’s dedication to preserving the vintage mural can be traced back to a chance encounter in 1999 at an Eagle Scout award ceremony. During a conversation with former Bicentennial President Gerald Ford, who expressed his love for the mural, Ron made a heartfelt vow to ensure it received a fresh coat of paint. Since that moment, Ron has relentlessly advocated for its preservation. However, Ron’s contributions extend far beyond advocacy. His legal actions, including securing a crucial injunction that halted the mural’s removal in 2015, marked a turning point in protecting this beloved artwork. For over two decades, Ron’s unwavering dedication has played an instrumental role in safeguarding the mural.

Perry Schaefer

Perry Schaefer’s contributions to the restoration were equally paramount. As co-founder of the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy, alongside Jackie Cherrington-Pierson, he played a crucial role in ensuring collaboration with all necessary agencies for the restoration. Perry volunteered countless hours to navigating the bureaucratic obstacles that threatened the mural’s future. His behind-the-scenes efforts, working with government agencies, officials, and the Army Corps of Engineers, were crucial. Ensuring everything was properly set in place, his efforts were critical to the mural’s successful revival and we can’t thank him enough.

In short, Ron and Perry are pillars of this cause. Getting to know these guys has been awesome, and their dedication has made a lasting impact on us and the whole community.

Non-Profit Organizations Pitch In

We now turn our attention to the remarkable non-profit organizations that stepped up for the Prado Dam Mural. These standout organizations have made a tremendous impact on the mural’s fate.

Peter Usle & Friends of the Prado Dam Mural

We want to give a huge shout-out to the amazing folks at Friends of the Prado Dam Mural, led by Peter Usle. Above all, they have been a driving force behind the restoration, and we can’t thank them enough. Peter came up with the brilliant idea of creating the website, back in 2014.

This ignited a community-driven movement, springing from Corona, to see the patriotic Prado Dam Mural restored. Rallying support for the preservation of this cherished artwork, the Friends of the Prado Dam Mural became a grassroots powerhouse. They have done an amazing job in representing the region and fighting for this restoration. Just look at the petition they started that gained nearly 40,000 signatures! And let’s not forget their online fundraising campaign in collaboration with the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy, which raised all the funds needed for the restoration.

“If you take one person out of the mix, none of this happens. It had to be between elected officials, the public and the Corps to get this done.”

Peter Usle, Friends of the prado dam mural

Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy (BFMC)

Alongside Friends of the Prado Dam Mural, the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy has been an incredible force in the restoration efforts. This group is led by dedicated volunteers, including:

  • Perry Schaefer: Co-designer of the mural & President of the BFMC
  • Jackie Cherrington-Pierson: Supporter of the Mural & Treasurer of the BFMC.
  • Jim McCabe: Avid mural supporter and board member of the BFMC.

Their commitment and contributions to the restoration project have been truly remarkable.

One standout contribution was Jim’s fundraising idea, which brought the community together in a whole new way. By offering individuals the opportunity to sponsor specific parts of this patriotic mural, they created a unique chance for people to own a piece of the restored mural near Corona. This creative approach sparked tremendous enthusiasm and support, playing a significant role in raising funds for the restoration.

But their impact didn’t stop there. They played an indispensable role in propelling the restoration process forward. Working hard behind the scenes, they negotiated with the Corps and government officials to get all the necessary approvals. Their dedication, innovative thinking, and community engagement have been invaluable in making the restoration a success.

Eric Bjorgum & Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

“We’ve never seen this kind of unanimous support, from city, county, state and federal government — not to mention the citizens, and especially veterans, to whom this mural is so important.” – Eric Bjorgum, Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

Next up on our list of outstanding organizations involved in this journey is the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. Their involvement since 2015 has been nothing short of exceptional. This organization is known for helping communities across LA in protecting meaningful artwork. Their track record is beyond impressive, including restoring the 1984 Olympic Murals on Highway 101 in Los Angeles.

Attorney Eric Bjorgum, the President of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles, deserves special recognition. He has been of great assistance in navigating the legal aspects of the restoration. His contributions are present in so many of the outstanding milestones achieved, with him working silently in the background. For instance, he played a crucial part in getting the injunction against Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural’s removal, representing Ron Kammeyer.

President of MCLA, Eric Bjorgum, had an injunction placed in 2016 saving the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural from being removed.
Eric Bjorgum – President of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles

Their commitment to protecting and promoting meaningful art is truly inspiring and we were blessed to have them as allies in this restoration journey.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation was actively engaged in the restoration journey, making a substantial impact on the process by conducting a vital assessment of the historical significance of the Prado Dam Mural. Although their assessment concluded that the mural did not meet the necessary 50-year age requirement for historic recognition, their assistance proved invaluable to the project’s overall success. Specifically, they highlighted the significance of restoring the mural in time for its impending 50-year milestone, underscoring its importance in preserving cultural heritage.

Sponsoring A Piece Of The History

Above all, this art is a piece of the community and it’s history. Mirroring the overwhelming support that swept across Corona all those years ago, people united once again to ensure this patriotic mural was restored. Firstly, we give a huge thank you to all the community members who rallied behind this cause. Whether you were at those Corona City Council meetings, sharing your support of the mural on social media, or writing letters to the Corps and Representative Ken Calvert’s office to see it restored, your voices changed the fate of this patriotic icon.

Further, special appreciation goes out to the remarkable individuals and patriotic businesses that donated to the cause. Their generous contributions were instrumental in bringing the Prado Dam Mural back to its resplendent beauty. Notably, they raised a total of $140,000. This, in addition to the donated paint and labor provided at cost, the restoration was an undeniable success.

Tiers of sponsorship for the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural restoration were no obstacle for our supporters.

We invite you to check out the picture below, where you can see all the sponsors linked to the specific parts of the mural they sponsored.

These proud Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural sponsors made the 2023 restoration possible.

To each sponsor, know that your contributions are greatly appreciated. Your generosity has not only revitalized this mural but has also secured its place, and yours, in history. Moreover, your efforts will be remembered every time eyes gaze upon the mural. Which by the way occurs over 300,000 times a day as drivers in Corona pass by this restored patriotic mural.

The Official Sponsor Of The Mural: Veteran Air

Veteran Air, the official sponsor of the restored Prado Dam Mural, generously contributed an outstanding sum of $40,000 towards the mural’s restoration. A profound thanks is owed to owner Mike Anderson and his entire team for their Platinum Sponsorship.

Veteran Air, the official sponsor of the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural Restoration project.
Veteran Air: The Official Sponsor of the Restored Bicentennial Mural at Prado Dam

For those who may not be familiar, Veteran Air is more than just a Platinum Sponsor. Indeed, they are a pillar of the local Orange County community. Led by Mike, a dedicated U.S Army veteran, this veteran-owned and operated enterprise has consistently earned its reputation as the top-rated HVAC service in Orange County.

With a team adept at handling a wide array of tasks – from duct replacements and fan motor repairs to enhancing indoor air quality – they cater to every HVAC requirement. Whether you’re an individual homeowner or a commercial entity in Orange County, for any HVAC needs – be it A/C repairs, heater installations, or UV Light Air Purifiers – place your trust in Veteran Air’s unmatched expertise.

Sponsoring the Year 1776

Veteran Air earned their title as the official sponsor of the mural, by sponsoring all four numbers in the foundational year 1776 on the mural.

Veteran Air plaque

As the official sponsor, they were recognized at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the mural. In addition to their whole team being invited to attend the private ceremony, they were also presented with a huge memorabilia plaque acknowledging their contribution.

Gold Sponsors: Providing Paint & Labor

Up next, let’s give a big round of applause to our Gold sponsors. These companies provided invaluable resources, including their expertise, time, and materials. Thanks to their generous offerings, which covered paint and labor, the restoration project was destined for success. Just as the community came together to create this vintage mural in 1976, with a joint effort involving local hardware stores, the Army Corps of Engineers, 30 passionate students, and an eager community, a similar spirit of unity emerged during its restoration.

Dunn Edwards: Donating 350 Gallons of White Paint

Leading this collaborative endeavor was the renowned company Dunn Edwards. Known for their premium paints, Dunn Edwards’ donation of 350 gallons of superior white paint formed the pristine white backdrop for the restored Prado Dam Mural.

To us at One Way Painting, Dunn Edwards is more than a sponsor; they’ve been a trusted partner for over 40 years. Whether for homes or commercial establishments, they consistently deliver high-quality paints with superior coverage and durability.

Beyond the quality of their paint, their assistance was invaluable. Lance Vasey, our go-to sales representative from Dunn Edwards, was an essential liaison throughout the project. Further, the Dunn Edwards team was remarkably proactive, conducting on-site evaluations post-sandblasting to address the unique demands of the surface. What’s more, they advised on the optimal paint product, color, and texture to ensure the mural’s resilience and aesthetic appeal. With the collective expertise of the Dunn Edwards team, we ensured we had the ideal paint for the task.

Dunn Edwards Paints

With this in mind, we hope you’ll consider showing your support for this patriotic company. When contemplating your next painting project, let Dunn Edwards be your first stop as you start your exploration. With their free color consultations, you can find the perfect palette for your space.

Rust-Oleum: Donating 150 Gallons of Red & Blue Paints

Our sincere thanks goes out to Rust-Oleum for donating 150 gallons of paint in the mural’s vibrant red and blue shades. This act was more than just a donation. It infused the mural with new life and vibrancy, ensuring not just added color, but a lasting allure.

What’s particularly fascinating about the paints they provided is that they’re not just any paints. Markedly, these are premium-grade paints, valued at $100 per gallon. Even more, they are the very same paints used at Disneyland. As a result, the mural is set for a bright and lasting future.

Their contributions have been vital, and we encourage you to show your support for this patriotic company. Whether you’re an individual planning a DIY project or a business in search of quality painting solutions, Rust-Oleum stands out as a top-notch recommendation.

One Way Painting: Proud To Play Our Part

At One Way Painting, we are deeply honored to have played a role in the revival of the Prado Dam mural. Our devoted team of Orange County painters committed themselves to perfecting every detail, completing the work over 24 memorable days. While we are honored to be recognized as Gold sponsors, our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that we’ve helped restore this mural and its deep significance to our community. In our commitment to this project, we made the conscious decision to put half of our business operations on hold to ensure this piece of shared history was faithfully restored, providing all labor at cost.

One Way Painting was chosen to repaint the Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural.

As the owner of One Way Painting, I, Jeff McCabe, want to personally express my profound appreciation to every member of our restoration team. Your exceptional talent, teamwork, and dedication shine through in the beautifully restored mural. We’re immensely proud to have you as part of the One Way Painting family. Thank you for upholding the quality and excellence we are known for. Your commitment to these principles has truly been remarkable. It’s an honor to work alongside such an amazing team, and we’re proud to have this project as an illustration of our commitment to excellence.

I’d also like to extend my gratitude to all those who ensured the smooth operation of the other half of our business. From organizing insurance documents to assisting with coordination, your efforts were invaluable.

Liberty Bell Sponsor: Nick Fahed Group

At this point, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the sponsors of the Liberty Bell: Abdallat Family, including Khaled, Lana, Yasmine, and Mohammad, representing the Nick Fahed Group. Their sponsorship of the mural’s Liberty Bell has made a significant impact.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with The Nick Fahed Group, they are an integral part of the First Team Real Estate group in California. That is to say, they specialize in both commercial and residential real estate across Orange and Riverside Counties. However, their services are not just limited to real estate. They also provide an array of solutions including Brokerage Services, Valuation & Advisory Services, and Project Management. Recognized as one of the 10 Most Influential Commercial Real Estate Business Leaders in Inland Empire, the Nick Fahed Group is the perfect choice for those seeking unparalleled expertise in real estate.

Sponsors Of The Years: 1776-1976

Continuing with our list of sponsors, we next spotlight those responsible for sponsoring the numbers in the years 1776 and 1976. Each of these numbers were sponsored with a $10,000 donation. All in all, these sponsors raised a total of $80,000. As has been noted above, Veteran Air -the official sponsor of the mural – sponsored the year 1776. At this time, we recognize the number sponsors of the year 1976.

1-Thomas Miller Mortuary and Crematory

Firstly, we start off our appreciation by thanking Thomas Miller Mortuary and Crematory. As sponsors of the 1 in 1976, they lead the way in representing this Bicentennial year. Moreover, this company is a respected and trusted part of the community. When you are saying goodbye to loved ones, they are there to help. Located in Corona & Riverside, they craft heartfelt farewells, offering healing and honor for those who have lost someone close to them.

9-Beyond Food Mart

Secondly, the 9 was sponsored by Beyond Food Mart. This company is more than just a convenience store. With health and wellness products, car washes, and a delightful cafe corner and deli, they’re innovating community-focused retail. Presently located in Corona & Chino, think of this patriotic company next time you pass by the restored Prado Dam Mural.

7-HP Communications, Inc.

The 7 in 1976 was sponsored by the established company, HP Communications. This place is your go-to OSP/ISP contractor in California. With a legacy since 1998, they blend the latest tech with tried-and-true values. They guarantee quality and swift responses to all your tech needs, providing services from New Underground Construction and Fiber & Copper Splicing and Testing.

6-Wilson Family with Fast Lane Transportation & Catherine DeLuca

Lastly, we thank the sponsors of the number 6 in 1976. As more spots filled up, the Wilson Family with Fast Lane Transportation and Catherine DeLuca, in memory of Ralph & Gloria DeLuca, joined forces to sponsor this number. Fast Lane Transportation is the gold standard for storage and transport solutions. Whether you need American Portable Storage containers, high-quality container chassis for rent, or a film-friendly location in places like Long Beach or LA, they’ve got you covered.

Letter Sponsors: Sponsoring ‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’

Following the number sponsors, the next on our list to acknowledge is the letter sponsors. Given that each letter and number in ‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’ was proudly sponsored with a $2,000 donation, these contributions were crucial.

sponsors of '200 YEARS OF FREEDOM'
Thank you to all the individuals and families that donated to saving Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural

‘ 2 ‘ – Sponsored In memory of Dave DiPaolo and James Deegan

‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’ begins with a powerful tribute in the number 2, sponsored in memory of Dave DiPaolo and James Deegan. David DiPaolo was the beloved Corona high school activities director that encouraged the students creativity in 1976. Without his support and encouragement, none of this would have been possible. James Deegan, father of painter Jackie Deegan, also played a vital role. He not only helped the students with engineering the design for the spillway but was also integral in getting the blessing of the Los Angeles district of the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), who own Prado Dam. As the main adults assisting and supervising the students during the mural’s creation in 1976, their invaluable guidance and support made a lasting impact. It is truly inspiring to see their memory honored on the restored mural.

A special thank you to the late Dave Lipaolo and James Deegan whos efforts made the original Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural possible.
The number ‘2’ in ‘200 years of Freedom’ was sponsored in memory of Dave DiPaolo and James Deegan.

‘ 00 ‘ – The Moore Family and ABC Hopes

Following this are the two zeros, completing the number 200 on the mural. One of the zeros is graciously sponsored by The Moore Family, encapsulating the spirit of community collaboration. The other zero holds a special place on the mural, sponsored by ABC Hopes. This admirable organization stands as a beacon of empowerment for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Their work sheds light on the incredible contributions and achievements of those they support, enriching the community in immeasurable ways.

‘ YEARS ‘ – Perry Schaefer & Locals

Now, we thank each of the amazing letter sponsors of the word ‘YEARS’. Michael Schwartz sponsored the letter ‘Y’, The Duane Family sponsored the letter ‘E’, The Acosta Family sponsored the letter ‘A’, and MSgt James Whitney MSgt Leslie Whitney USAF Retired sponsored the letter ‘R’. The letter ‘S’ is sponsored by the Schaefer Family, who have been instrumental in the restoration process. As the family of co-designer Perry Schaefer, their involvement has been invaluable to the project’s success.

‘ OF ‘ – Tandy Consulting and Bobby & Karen Spiegel

The word ‘OF’ has two notable sponsors. The letter ‘O’ is sponsored by Tax Accounting Professionals at Tandy Consulting, a reliable accounting firm. Next time you need accounting assistance, consider supporting this patriotic company. The letter ‘F’ is sponsored by Bobby & Karen Spiegel in memory of Mayor Flora Spiegel, who served as the mayor of Corona during the Bicentennial.

‘ F ‘ – in dedication to Richard and Donna Beach

The word ‘FREEDOM’ on the mural has several sponsors. ‘F’ is sponsored in dedication to Richard and Donna Beach.

‘ R ‘ – Sponsored By Mike for ‘ Remembering our loved ones ‘

The ‘R’ is sponsored by Mike Anderson, who generously sponsored it to include the heartfelt message ‘Remembering our loved ones’. Mike has made significant contributions to this restoration in addition to adding this special tribute to the mural’s story. Thank you again, Mike.

‘ E ‘ – Evans Gun World

Taking the ‘E’ in ‘FREEDOM’, Evans Gun World in Orange is more than just an indoor shooting range. It’s a welcoming hub for gun enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Whether you’re keen on joining their rifle night every Wednesday at 5 pm or simply wish to hone your shooting skills, this is the place to be.

‘ E ‘ – Corona Elks Lodge #2045

Following Evans Gun World, the succeeding ‘E’ in ‘FREEDOM’ proudly stands for Corona Elks Lodge #2045. This elegant venue in Corona is perfect for those cherished moments. For example, it’s ideal for a dreamy wedding reception or a joyous baby shower. Their impeccable services guarantee memorable events.

‘ D ‘ – Dimas Legacy Insurance Solutions

Representing the ‘D’ on our mural is Dimas Legacy Insurance Solutions. With Covered California certified agents, they’re your trusted partner for securing the right insurance coverage. That is to say, choose them for solutions tailored to your needs.

‘ o ‘ – Isuzu Freeway Trucks and Vans

The ‘O’ on the mural shines thanks to Isuzu Freeway Trucks and Vans. When you’re in the market for a reliable truck or van, remember the name that’s been with us on this mural journey.

‘ M ‘ – The Minor Family

Lastly, the final ‘M’, sealing the phrase ‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’, is graciously sponsored by the Minor Family. Their heartfelt contribution to the mural’s restoration resonates with its essence of community and patriotism.

Stars & Stripe: Sponsoring the 13 Stars and the Dash ‘ – ‘

In the restored Prado Dam Mural, the patriotic years 1776-1976 prominently stand as a symbol of unity, drawing sponsors from varied regions including Corona, Orange County, and Norco. Here, we thank all 13 star sponsors and the sponsor of the dash ‘-‘ in the years 1776-1976. Each star shines with the dedication and passion of its sponsors, reflecting their commitment to history, community, and art.

sponsors of stars and stripes on restored Prado Dam Mural
Sponsors from Corona, Orange County & Norco come together to revive the patriotic years 1776-1976 & the Dash on the restored Prado Dam Mural
  • Star #1: The Kasbar Family,
  • Star #2: Randolph Sanchez,
  • Star #3: The Bywtaer Family of Corona
  • Star #4: In Memory of Tom & Nancy Hewitt,
  • Star #5: In Memory of Richard Schmitz,
  • Star #6: Kent & Diane Collins,
  • Star #7: ClearPath Financial,
  • Star #8: The Pietenpol Family of Yorba Linda,
  • Star #9: Susan Sawyer In Memory of Mark Sawyer,
  • Star #10: The Cotter Family of Corona,
  • Star #11: The Kahan Family of Norco,
  • Star #12: Glenn B. Dorning, Inc.,
  • Star #13: Downs Energy
  • Dash ‘-‘: The Price Family

Families From All Over SoCal Sponsor Stars

To each sponsor, each family, and each individual remembered here, we are forever grateful. You have rejuvenated this mural, paying homage to the original 13 colonies and the course our nation has chartered. Through your devotion, future generations will be inspired by the unity and stories the mural embodies. Your support has played a crucial role in completing the symbolic representation of the timeline and highlighting the significant milestones in our nation’s history. Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey with us.

These Patriotic Companies Are Stars On The Restored Mural

In addition to thanking the families involved, we’d like to spotlight the patriotic businesses that sponsored a star. To begin with, our heartfelt appreciation goes to Glenn B. Dorning Inc, the specialists in tractor and construction equipment. We’re also grateful to Downs Energy, known for providing steadfast commercial fuel services in Corona. Lastly, a big thank you to ClearPath Financial, an esteemed name in investment management and financial planning.

Community Sponsors

As soon as sponsorship opportunities opened, they quickly began filling up. But for this restoration, we made sure there was room for everyone to be a sponsor. Alongside sponsorships of specific parts of the mural, we also offered community members the opportunity to donate to the cause with contributions ranging from $25 to $900. We are incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the support from these community sponsors who played a vital role in making this restoration possible. While the mural is positioned near Corona, the entire Southern California community contributed to see this patriotic mural restored.

Here is a list of all our community sponsors:

Community Sponsors who donated to see the patriotic mural restored near Corona

Alan Sturm: Drone Photographer

Alan Sturm of Anaheim Hills deserves a resounding round of applause. With the sweep of his drone, he captured breathtaking aerial views of the Prado Dam. Alan made numerous trips to Corona to cover the patriotic transformation, beautifully capturing the fully restored mural. His expertise in aerial photography brought new perspectives of the mural, immortalizing a piece of history. Through Alan’s lens, the story of the Prado Dam Mural lives on for generations to come. We are confident that your imagery will continue to inspire awe in all who view them. The Prado Dam Mural’s story would have been incomplete without your assisstance. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with us and helping us see the bigger picture, quite literally!

Government Officials & Representatives

With the Prado Dam Mural holding a significant position at the center of five counties spanning several Congressional districts, the restoration of this mural required the approval and support of numerous officials and government offices. Here, we thank all the officials who truly listened and backed the constituents they represented. Without your support and advocacy, this project would not have been possible.

Riverside County Supervisor Karen Spiegel

Riverside County Representative Karen Spiegel
Continuing her family’s footsteps, Riverside’s County Supervisor and Former Mayor of Corona, Karen Spiegel, facilitated the permit process that made restoration the Prado Dam Mural possible.

We can’t thank Supervisor Karen Spiegel enough for her incredible commitment to restoring the Prado Dam Mural. From helping pass key resolutions to obtaining the necessary licenses, her efforts have been instrumental in preserving our beloved artwork. Working closely with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, Karen Spiegel was instrumental in acting as an intermidary, a solution to the issue of the Corps not being able to enter a contract with the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy directly. She was also a key person in helping the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy navigate the necessary processes to get the restoration approved.

It takes a village to paint a dam.

Supervisor Karen Spiegel, District 2

Currently, Karen Spiegel represents the 2nd District on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. She was previously the Mayor of Corona too, following in the footsteps of her mother-in-law who was Corona’s Mayor back in 1976.

U.S. Representative Ken Calvert

U.S. Representative Ken Calvert secured $2.5M in federal funding that was essential in removing the lead based paint.

Congressman Ken Calvert, the U.S. Representative for California’s 41st Congressional District has been vital in this restoration. With his help, $2.5 million in federal funding was secured to address the lead abatement necessary for the safe removal of the vintage mural from the spillway. This funding has been crucial to ensure the restoration process is carried out safely and effectively.

Furthermore, Representative Calvert played an important part in obtaining the green light for the mural restoration. As early as 2016, he publicly endorsed the preservation of the mural and worked closely with the Army Corps of Engineers, and the public to push the restoration forward. Being part of the subcommittee that oversees the Corps, he has been actively involved in addressing the concerns of the community. In 2017, he personally contacted Colonel Gibbs on behalf of the concerned public, highlighting his dedication to the restoration project. We extend our deepest gratitude to Representative Ken Calvert for his remarkable support and dedication throughout this restoration journey.

U.S. Representative Ed Royce

Edward Royce
U.S. Representative Ed Royce supported efforts in restoring Prado Dam Mural to its original glory.

Next, we recognize the support and involvement of Ed Royce, the U.S. Representative for California’s 39th Congressional District. Ed Royce has played a vital role in this restoration journey, recognizing the significance of the mural for the residents of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties within his district. In 2018, he met with Eric Bjorgum, President of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles, and Cynthia Moran, a Chino Hills City Council Member, to discuss the ongoing restoration efforts. His appreciation and understanding of the mural’s importance to the local community from the very beginning have been truly commendable. His dedication to the preservation of this cherished artwork has made a significant impact on the local community and we’re all grateful for it.

Councilwoman Cynthia Moran

Vice Mayor of Chino Hills, Cynthia Moran, was first elected to the Chino Hills City Council in November of 2012.

Chino Hills Councilwoman Cynthia Moran has been a pivotal figure in the restoration of the Prado Dam Mural. When the Friends of the Prado Dam Mural reached out, she responded with keen interest and unwavering support. Her engagements with Representative Ed Royce and attorney Eric Bjorgum underscore her determination to collaborate at all levels, ensuring that the project received the attention and resources it deserved.

From the early days, she was actively involved, attending critical meetings since the start. With her, she brought her local insights and her dedication to the community of Chino Hills. Her commitment ensured that the interests of the local residents were always considered and integrated into the broader vision for the mural’s restoration.

U.S. Representative Young Kim

U.S. Representative Young Kim representing California’s 40th District

At this time, we say thank you to U.S. Representative Young Kim, who represents California’s 40th Congressional District. Her presence for the ceremonious unveiling of the restored Prado Dam Mural demonstrated her patriotic commitment to the people near Corona, in the communities that she serves. Moreover, it highlighted the significance of the mural’s restoration for the residents of the 40th District. We are thankful for her continuous support and for being an integral part of this memorable event.

Other Notable Officials

  • Councilmember Wes Speake – represents Corona’s 5th district.
  • O.C. Supervisor Dough Chaffee, represents Orange County’s 4th district.
  • US District Court Judge, Jesus Bernal – Judge Jesus Bernal, serving as a US District Court Judge for Central California, played a pivotal role in safeguarding the mural’s legacy. In 2015, he issued a temporary injunction directing the Army Corps of Engineers to cease any activity that might modify or erase the mural. Judge Bernal’s decision was rooted in his commitment to upholding the public’s best interest, emphasizing the importance of preserving cultural and historical landmarks for future generations.
  • Former Mayor of Corona, Eugene Montanez – served as mayor of Corona in 2015 and spoke with the Friends of the Prado Dam Mural coordinators about plans to see the patriotic mural restored.
  • John Tavaglione – (Retired) Supervisor on Riverside County Board of Supervisors and early advocate of the mural’s restoration.

Government Offices

The restoration wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration and support of various governmental offices. These institutions, and the dedicated individuals within them, exemplify what it truly means to listen to, and serve, the community they represent. Their collaboration was not just about procedures and permissions; it was about recognizing the cultural and historical significance of the mural and championing the voice of the community. Join us in expressing our thanks to the very foundations that made this restoration possible.

Riverside County

Riverside County residents have a deep connection to this mural and Riverside County was very important in this restoration. With help from Riverside Supervisor, Karen Spiegel, the county worked closely with the Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, helping to provide all the proper permits and licenses needed for a successful restoration.

Jason Uhley & Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation Disctrict

The Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District were instrumental in ensuring the restoration of the vintage mural. Working with Karen Spiegel and the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy, they were responsible for getting the mural repainted. They were issued a license by the Corps for this task, and made sure to abide by all specifications set by the Corps for the repainting. They also committed to providing future maintenance funds to the Riverside County Regional Park & Open Space District.

Jason Uhley – general manager of the Riv County Flood Control & Water District

A big thank you to Jason Uhley, general manager of the Riverside County Flood Control & Water District, and his whole crew. From Juliana Adams, Rene Miyasato, and Gracie Torres to all the people in the insurance department and everyone on their team that made this happen, thank you for all that you have done to see this project’s success. Additionally, we thank Jeff Van Wagenen of Riverside County Executive Office for his role in the process.

Riverside County Regional Park & Open Space District

Riverside County Regional Park & Open Space District will be responsible for the future maintenace of the mural. They were big supporters of the restoration and we know the mural will be in good hands with them in charge.

Orange County Water District (OCWD)

While the Prado Dam is the property of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, the Orange County Water District (OCWD) owns 2,150 acres behind the Dam. OCWD became staunch supporters of the mural’s restoration, a sentiment we at One Way Painting deeply appreciate as a company dedicated to serving the Orange County community. This mural holds a special place in the hearts of many here. Beyond its cultural significance, the dam is a protective barrier for Orange County, defending millions from potential floods and warding off billions in potential damages.

Corona/Norco Unified School District

Corona Norco Unified School District showed patriotic support for the restored Prado Dam Mural, backing the restoration efforts from the start. With the original mural coming to creation at a Corona high school within this school district, we are beyond thrilled to have their support in this restoration.

Support from All 5 Surrounding Cities!

The mural has always been a source of community pride, and its restoration was no different. Located at the center of 5 surrounding counties, including Corona, the restored mural has brought a renewed patriotic spirit reminiscent of the Bicentennial era of volunteerism. Each of the surrounding regions have great love for this mural’s cultural and historical significance. The amazing united efforts for this restoration saw support from all 5 surrounding cities, with everyone from top Mayors and Council Members all the way down to the directors are in support.

Chino City Council

Mayor Eunice Ulloa
Council Members:

Denis Yates

Glenn Duncan

Earl Elrod

Tom Haughey

Chino Hills City Council

Mayor Cynthia Moran
Vice Mayor Art Marianne De Ru Bennett
Council Members:

Ed Graham

Ray Marquez

Peter Rogers

Norco City Council

Mayor Herb Higgins
Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Bash
Council Members:

Kathy Azevedo

Berwin Hanna

Greg Newton

Eastvale City Council

Mayor Ike Bootsma
Mayor Pro Tem William Link
Council members:

Adam Rush

Joseph Tessari

Corona City Council

Mayor Eugene Montanez
Vice Mayor Jason Scott
Council Members:

Karen Spiegel

Dick Haley

Randy Fox

Orange County Water District Directors

Philip Anthony
Denis Bilodeau
Shawn Dewane
Jan Flory
Cathy Green
Dina Nguyen
Roman Reyna
Stephen Sheldon
Harry Sidhu
Roger Yoh

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps): Owners Of Prado Dam

Thank you to the Los Angeles District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for allowing the restoration process to go through. As owners of the Prado Dam, they played a significant role in the revival of the vintage mural. The Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy also worked with the Park Ranger, Henry Csaposs, in the Operations Division and deserves recognition for his help.

When the legal efforts to halt the removal of the mural were overturned in 2021, the Corps had the authority to proceed with removing the mural without any obligation to restore it. However, they truly listened to the community’s voice and recognized the deep attachment and cultural significance of the mural. In a commendable display of collaboration and understanding, the Army Corps of Engineers worked alongside the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy to ensure the restoration of the vintage mural at the Prado Dam. Their collaboration and partnership were crucial in ensuring that the vintage mural would continue to be cherished by generations to come.

District Commanders’ Role in Mural Restoration

The District commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the LA District played a vital role in the approval and progress of the mural restoration project. As the decision-maker, this position held significant responsibility. However, due to the rotation of District commanders every few years, multiple Colonels were involved in the process. The dedication and collaborative work of these District commanders, along with the Bicentennial Freedom Mural Conservancy and Friends of the Prado Dam, were instrumental in the realization of the mural’s restoration.

It started with Colonel Kimberly Coloton, the 60th District commander, who served from 2013 to 2015. In April 2015, Col. Kim Coloton acknowledged the passionate and clear message of the mural supporters. She also worked closely with Representative Ken Calvert and the public to determine the future of the mural. But once it was time for the Colonels to change posts at the Corps, the process had to start all over again with a new Colonel. Colonel Kirk Gibbs, the 61st District commander, served from 2015 to 2018, followed by Colonel Aaron Barta, the 62nd District commander, from 2018 to 2020.

Col. Julie A. Balten – 63rd District Commander of ACOE, Los Angeles District

Finally, it was under the leadership of Colonel Julie Balten, the 63rd District commander, that the restoration was approved. Her efforts culminated in the approval of the mural restoration, publicly announced by the Corps on September 2022. We cannot say thank you enough to Col. Julie Balten for her dedication to making the restoration a reality.

“I represent an incredible team of people who believed in this and believe in a partnership we have with our communities in which we live and serve every single day,” Balten said.

Other Corps Officials

We recognize Greg Fuderer, Senior Public Affairs Specialist for the Army Corp of Engineers, for his work in working with the public throughout this process. We also thank Philip Serpa, the Program Manager of the Corps Operations Division.

News Organizations

The nature of the Prado Dam Mural, a symbol of community pride and heritage, naturally drew the attention of various news organizations. The love and dedication of the community ensured that this story was told far and wide, bringing light to the struggle for the mural’s restoration.

Press Enterprise

Press Enterprise has written several amazing articles, covering the journey of the Prado Dam Mural. Their dedicated coverage has ensured that the community remained informed, engaged, and invested in the mural’s fate. Peter Fischetti’s 2014 cover story stands out as a particularly memorable example of this. The article drew attention to the petition to save the mural. We sincerely thank the Press Enterprise and Peter Fischetti for their invaluable contributions in

KFI AM 640 News

During our restoration work on the Prado Dam Mural, we were privileged to be covered by KFI AM 640 News. Owner, Jeff McCabe, and brother Jim were interviewed for their work on the restoration.

Orange County painters from One Way Painting Meeting With News Station. Brothers Jeff & Jim McCabe

Corbin Carson of the KFI AM 640 News Team approached our project with keen interest, offering a unique journalistic perspective that was both insightful and thorough.

NBC News Channel 4

NBC News Channel 4 spotlighted the heartfelt restoration of the Prado Dam Mural, underscoring the profound sense of community rallying around this iconic piece. Their coverage brilliantly encapsulated the shared spirit of determination and pride that’s driving this restoration effort.

Jeff McCabe with news crew for Prado Dam Mural Restoration

During their segment, Jeff McCabe, the owner of One Way Painting, was briefly interviewed, shedding light on his pivotal role in the restoration.


The journey of restoring the Prado Dam Mural has been one paved with challenges, dedication, and a profound sense of community spirit. To everyone who lent a hand, a voice, a platform, or even just a word of encouragement—your contributions mean the world to us. On behalf of One Way Painting and the countless individuals who will find joy, inspiration, and a sense of belonging in the Prado Dam Mural for years to come, we extend our deepest thanks. This isn’t just a mural; it’s a testament to what a united community can achieve. Thank you for being an indispensable part of this remarkable journey.