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The Finish

Paint is not just a colored substance that dries and leaves an attractive and protective coating on our homes.  While paint increases the beauty of your home, it also protects your home from sun damage, the weather and termites.  Paint is sunblock for your house.  Paint is part of a preventative maintenance program.  If you see peeling paint, separating caulk, mold, stucco cracking or bare wood, call us and make an appointment for an estimate with Jeff at One Way Painting.

Once you have decided to paint, protecting your investment and refreshing your home comes with many choices.  After you have selected your painting company and decided on your colors, you may wonder if you need to worry about the sheen or paint finish.

Matte, Velvet, Satin, Eggshell, Pearl, Semi-Gloss, Flat, Gloss, High Gloss, the list goes on and on.  Is the sheen durable, will the paint retain the color, is the paint mildew resistant, how many coats are needed for coverage and do certain finishes extent the life of the painting? It is similar to going to a restaurant and the menu gives you too many choices.  You just want to paint your home or business.

Paint sheen can be a personal preference, but there are certain guidelines to consider.  At One Way Painting, we are here to put your mind at ease.  We know what products to use and what products work best in each situation.  For example,  on stucco we always use a flat finish, as you do not want sheen on stucco.  Ceilings in many rooms require a flat paint also referred to as a matte finish as these finishes help hide any minor defects while absorbing the light.  Fascia, eaves, and sidings work in any sheen.  Wrought iron works best in an oil base semi-gloss.  The flossier the paint, the more stain resistance and the more washable your surface.  The gloss paint is great for heavy traffic areas  such as cabinets since it is less porous and easy to clean.

At One Way Painting, we understand you may have many questions and many concerns.  When you are painting the exterior or interior of your home or business,  we want to share our knowledge and our experience.  You can bring up any issues with Jeff the owner of One Way Painting when he is at your home or business to give you an estimate and also on the day of the job start.  Put your mind at ease and allow us to make your painting experience stress-free.  We will select the correct sheen for your painting needs.  Do not worry, as we are here to help you put your signature on your home or business.


Interior Painting During the “EL NIÑO” Season

In Southern California, we are anticipating the long overdue “El Nino” winter season. “El Nino” will bring heavy rainfall coupled with heavy humidity levels which can affect house painting if not done properly. Working conditions are typically more stable indoors, and less subject to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Mostly, heavy rainfall can impact the productivity of a job, given that humidity calls for extra drying time in between coats, and for the final coat to harden and bond to the wall. Problems can always be eliminated by running the air-conditioning or heater to minimize humidity. Also, prior to the rain and painting, it is best to close all windows and doors, and seal any other openings which could allow moisture or dampness to enter the house. Make sure to check all openings for leaks.

One Way Painting would like to offer a discount to all of our customers that book a full interior painting job with us during the “El Nino” season. We don’t want our customers to feel as though their painting needs can’t or won’t be taken care of. We are prepared for the rain, and know what it takes to ensure a job well done, even with the heavy humidity levels. Jeff McCabe, the owner of One Way Painting, has experience working through an El Nino season, and has trained our crews on the types of paint to use, as well as tips to ensure our same job quality. We guarantee that we won’t let rainfall effect the way we run the business. We will allow the proper amount of time for the paint to dry, and match temperature to fit with the guidelines of the paint. It is important to our business to keep our employees working through the possibility of an El Nino season so that they can continue to provide for their families. If you have any questions or would like to book a painting estimate, please call Kelly  or Roxanne: 866-986-9781.

Safety First!


Painting isn’t an inherently dangerous activity, but it’s always best to follow best practices. Carelessness is the quickest way to get injured or into trouble when doing any project and painting is no exception. All painters should carry with them: Gloves, safety goggles, dust mask, and respirator. They are not to be worn at all times during the job, but should be available if needed. When hiring a painting company or contractor, it’s extremely important to feel comfortable with the safety techniques the company enforces.

One Way Painting takes safety seriously. We want to protect our crews, and protect our customers at all times during the job. In addition to the full insurance and liability coverage, Jeff McCabe has provided extensive training for his employees to ensure that they are knowledgeable and protected at all times. Our crews have been given respirator training, ladder safety training, safety goggle training, and more. We like to ensure that our employees are educated also in the possible hazards that can occur on a painting job such as: Electrical, flammable materials (i.e. oily rags), trip hazards, and fall protection.

No all painting contractors take these steps. If you’re looking for a painter, ask them about their safety procedures. Also make sure to check the status of their contractors license, as this may also verify their standards of care when it comes to painting.

Why “One Way Painting”?

Our business is based on the Christian ethic of treating every customer with honesty and integrity. Every job is done “as unto the Lord”.  We strive to do the best painting job possible, and willingly own up to our mistakes, if any. We don’t cut any corners, or use any cheap materials. We pay attention to every detail, and consider ourselves to be extremely reliable. We don’t consider our job done until the customer is completely satisfied with the work!

The owner of One Way Painting, Jeff McCabe, is a Christian family man. He values honesty, and practices these ethics in his business life, as well as his personal life. Running a company with Christian ethics has proven to put our customers at ease, knowing that they are in good hands, and we will strive to work hard throughout each job.

What You Need to Know About Lead-Based Paint

Educate Yourself About Lead-Based Paint
It’s the Law! This is important for home owners who reside in a home that was built or renovated prior to 1978. Lead has been proven to be harmful to adults, and can cause developmental issues in children. The most common way to expose your body to lead is from dust. The dust can come from paint, soil, hand-to-mouth activities, and through home renovations. The worst form of exposure is from ingesting it.
The best way to find out if your home contains lead-based paint is to either hire a professional to check, or purchase a DIY testing kit from your local hardware store. If you do want to do any renovations to your home, make sure to hire an EPA Certified Contractor who has been educated in dealing with these issues. Only if you are disturbing more than six square feet of the interior and twenty square feet of the exterior, will you need to research the abatement process.
If your home was built before 1940, there is an 87% chance that your home contains lead. If your home was built between 1940 and 1960, there is a 69% chance that your home contains lead. Lastly, if your home was built between 1960 and 1978, there is a 24% chance that your home contains lead.

The owner of One Way Painting, Jeff McCabe, is EPA certified and prepared to tackle any issues associated with lead-based paint. We will do an abatement of your home if the paint does, in fact, contain lead. The process is completely worth it as we do not want to put our customers at risk!

Choosing the Right Paint Colors for the Interior of Your Home

Color fan (angle view)
Pick a color, any color! Choosing the right paint colors for the interior of your home can be a fun, yet sometimes overwhelming experience. The colors that you choose will reflect a part of your personality so it is important that you choose the best color scheme to represent you while choosing colors that are also visually appealing for your home. With so many colors to choose from, how will you pick the color(s) that fit you best? This is an opportunity to express you!
There are many things to consider when choosing your interior colors. The main rooms should be a focal point, and make sure that the rooms, in turn, do not offset each other when walking through the home. Which rooms need to be brightened up due to lack of sunlight, and which rooms would you like to maybe tone down? If you wish for a room to appear larger, for example, using lighter colors is best.
If you already have your home decorated to your liking, than pick out a piece of furniture or artwork that you love. What is the color scheme used? The right paint colors flow to create a sense of harmony and continuity throughout the home. Colors have a large influence on our mood without us necessarily realizing it so that is why an easy room-to-room flow is very important.

As mentioned on our website, Jeff recommends using Dunn Edwards or Sherwin Williams as your paint brands. Fan decks are a great tool to help customers choose colors and create color schemes, and Jeff always carries these decks with him to estimates so they are easily accessible to you! It is highly recommended that customers get samples from the paint stores, and put up in home. Leave the samples up for a week or so, and see how it goes. Each home is different in the amount of light the home has, and the sizes, etc. Each factor affects the colors. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

We’re excited about Aristowall!

Aristowall is an interior paint product offered by Dunn Edwards. It is an environmentally safe product that protects human health by being an ultra-low VOC (volatile organic compounds) product.

Why are we excited about it?

Aristowall is a premium interior paint that creates an oil-like finish. It’s extremely durable because it is an advanced water-oil hybrid resin composition that is scrub resistant. So, even after repeated scrubbing, the finishes will always look good! Something else that we love about the product is that you can we paint with the product over an oil based paint, even though Aristowall is water based! The paint also has great flow without excessive runs or sags to always create a smooth, and even finish. This paint is great to use on the interior if the residents are pregnant, and/or have children. It dries quickly, allows for water cleanup, and doesn’t have a strong odor! One thing to note about the product is that although it has a short dry time, it has a longer curing time. That means that you’ll need to keep your furniture and other things from touching it right away even though it seems dry, and ready to go!

Jeff and One Way Painting use green and environmentally friendly products whenever possible. We do what we can to satisfy our customers and research great new products to accommodate our customers.

Maintaining Your Paint

Power WashingWe, at One Way Painting, understand that once your painting has been completed, you’ll want to make sure it looks great for many years to come. We also understand that natural elements can impact your residential or commercial property, and know the best ways to preserve your paint. You can be assured that the work we do is of the best quality. Both exterior and interior paint jobs should last up to 10 years, and so preparation is critical. We take pride in the fact that our painters prepare the surfaces with great attention to detail, have a thorough knowledge of preparation and painting products, and use premium paint products throughout.

Two major elemental factors that will affect the exterior paintwork of your home are the sun and moisture. Moisture damage can come from sprinklers, rain gutters, and plants. Excess moisture can cause problems not only with the paintwork, but also the woodwork. Dry rot and termite damage are two main causes of excess moisture. It is important to be aware of excess moisture and sun damage on your home, especially after painting the exterior.

Once you have painted the exterior of your house, only use soft or organic washes to remove dirt, smudges and marks. If you use chemical washes, domestic cleaning products or high-pressure washers, you risk damaging the paint and shortening the lifespan of the paint. Pay extra attention to the sides of the home that sit mostly in the sun, and that receive the most exposure.

For the interior paintwork of your home, you should only use light detergents or warm water. Some of the best light detergents you can use are white vinegar and water, or a light dilution of sugar soap. These methods will ensure your interior paintwork lasts as long as possible. Pay attention to the high traffic areas inside the home, such as, staircase walls, hallways, bathrooms, and children’s bedrooms.

To prevent discoloration or causing damage to the sheen level of your painted surface, don’t use scourers, abrasive pads, or colored rags to clean your paintwork. As previously mentioned, white or uncolored cotton rags are the best option to wipe and clean surfaces.

As professional painters, we are experienced in using the best techniques to ensure your paint job stands the test of time. We understand painting is an important investment to your property and are committed to making your house look its best. We provide high quality painting and have employees that you can trust in your home.

Choosing the Right Paint Brand

paint brushesHow to Choose the Right Paint Brand

Choosing the right paint brand can be a very confusing  and it always helps to have a professional’s opinion. Here at One Way Painting, we only use major brands when painting homes, and commercial businesses. Jeff always uses Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams as his go to brands unless otherwise instructed by the customer. They are great quality paint brands, and he has been using them consistently for years. They are definitely worth the few extra dollars.

Jeff suggests to always going with a brand that you are familiar with. Also, it is important that you are not fooled by false marketing labels. Sometimes you may see paint somewhere that is labeled with Martha Stewart or HGTV to draw you in only to find out that they are actually relabeling a cheaper brand that already exists. So be careful and don’t waste your money!

All paint brands have different grades as well. So do your research on which grades of the paint you want. This may also be a factor in helping you choose your brand. Also, you need to take certain factors into consideration when choosing your grade and brand of paint. If you are painting the exterior of the home or business then you will need paint with a higher grade so that it can withstand natural wear and tear caused by different weather conditions. Higher grade paint usually contains better resin which helps protect against UV rays (fading), and stand up to moisture.

One Way Painting has been in business for 38 years, and Jeff is always willing to give you his professional opinions and suggestions. We ask each customer to have color choices a couple of days before we begin the job and any questions before then can always be answered by Jeff or any staff members. Painting is a long term investment so let us help you to choose wisely!

One Way Painting vs. The Common Contractor

Jeff McCabe, OwnerLicense & Insurance:
Some contractors that are in business do not have any licensing or insurance to back up the work being done. Generally, when contractors aren’t carrying the proper insurance, their bidding prices are significantly low so it is very important to find out before it’s too late. Insurance is especially important when choosing your contractor because, as the customer, you will not want to be held responsible for a person injuring themselves on the job. If a person is injured on thejob while working on your home and the contractor doesn’t have the proper insurance, then there can be a claim filed on your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance and licensing protects all parties.

Here at One Way Painting, we are fully licensed and insured. We also carry the state required minimum insurance PLUS 3 million dollars in extra coverage for general liability and worker’s compensation. Jeff wants to make sure that we go above and beyond the requirement so that our customers can feel at ease when working with us. One Way Painting is always willing to show proof of insurance and licensing when booking jobs. Our license number is: 372767.

Not all contractors will completely follow through with work that is originally agreed upon, and have been known to pull the “Bait and Switch”. The customer is given a price to begin the work, and a different, much higher price after all of the work is completed. Sometimes the contractor will disappear on the customer as the work becomes more difficult, and the customer is left disappointed with a home that is only halfway painted. This can create some skepticism among people when searching for a new contractor.

Starting out as a journeyman painter for several years, Jeff strives to eliminate those initial concerns customers may have. He has over a decade of on the job experience, and understands what it takes to be successful in the business. Jeff and One Way Painting will never ask for any money down before starting a job. Each project is funded and overseen by Jeff himself. The price given is always the price billed after the customers’ satisfaction is met! You can guarantee that our crews will show up on time every day.