Congressman Ken Calvert and Representative Young Kim with Jeff McCabe of One Way Painting and brother Jim.

Prado Dam Ribbon Cutting Ceremony: A Day to Remember!

The Prado Dam Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 2, 2023 was a day that was buzzing with excitement and pride. Let’s dive into the grandeur of the Prado Dam Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the little secret we’ve been holding onto!

One Heck of a Day!

After months of hard work, the grand unveiling of the restored Prado Dam Mural was finally here, and what a spectacle it was! For us at One Way Painting – aka the Best Dam Painters in Orange County – this recent ribbon-cutting ceremony stands out as a landmark event in our journey. It’s not every day you get to witness history, let alone play an integral part in it.

Prado Dam Mural Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 2, 2023

Prado Dam Ribbon Cutting Highlights

Our team at One Way Painting was in high spirits, and for good reason! Surrounded by the backdrop of the restored Prado Dam Mural, we stood alongside dignitaries, politicians, and our gracious sponsors at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony that day.

Take a look at some of the highlights from that day.

1. Honoring One Way Painting:

Having been entrusted with the incredible responsibility of restoring this iconic piece of community history, it was indeed a proud day for One Way Painting – oh, what a feeling! Here’s our very own Jeff McCabe, owner of One Way Painting, receiving an award for his role in the restoration.

Jeff McCabe, owner of One Way Painting, receiving plaque at Prado Dam Bicentennial Mural Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

2. Meet and Greet with the Big Names:

Picture this: important folks like US Representatives Young Kim and Ken Calvert, sharing anecdotes, wielding paintbrushes, and reveling in the celebration. They weren’t just spectators; they were right there, sharing our enthusiasm!

Congressman Ken Calvert and Representative Young Kim with Jeff McCabe of One Way Painting and brother Jim.
Brothers Jeff and Jim McCabe stand proudly alongside Colonel Julie Balton, Congressman Ken Calvert, Representative Young Kim, Riverside Supervisor Karen Spiegel, and our esteemed sponsor from Veteran Air.

3. Karen Spiegel, the Pillar:

The ever-dynamic Riverside County Supervisor, Karen Spiegel, was present, her dedication to this restoration unmistakable. She’s been our compass, guiding us through thick and thin.

4. Sponsors Steal the Show:

A massive shoutout to our sponsors, especially the superstars over at Veteran Air. Their belief and support were the wind beneath our wings. They are awesome and Mike Anderson, owner of Veteran Air, is such a great guy.

5. Shoutout to Our Paint Donors: Dunn Edwards and Rust-Oleum

When we talk about the restoration and the vibrant colors that now adorn the Prado Dam Mural, we can’t forget the companies that made it possible for us to bring our vision to life.

Dunn Edwards and Rust-oleum

Among the many that played a pivotal role in this restoration journey, special mention must be made of our paint donors, Dunn Edwards and Rust-Oleum. Their combined generosity of a whopping 500 gallons was instrumental in bringing the Prado Dam Mural back to life.

The mural’s brilliance today is, in no small part, thanks to these companies. Their contribution ensured we had everything needed to repaint the mural to its former glory. When it comes to community support, Dunn Edwards and Rust-Oleum truly painted the way!

That Little Secret: A Behind-the-Scenes Peek

Remember when we casually mentioned back in May that the Prado Dam mural had been restored to its full glory? Well…

The Crafty Illusion
At first glance, anyone observing the mural from a distance would be easily convinced it was fully restored. But, here’s the thing: portions of the mural, specifically some white background areas, remained untouched. To ensure the mural appeared complete from the freeway view, we employed paper linings. This crafty move provided a seamless look, masking the yet-to-be-painted areas.

Why the Deception?
By leaving these sections unpainted, we were setting the stage for an unforgettable moment at the Prado Dam Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. This intentional choice transformed the event into an interactive experience.

It offered a rare opportunity for our esteemed guests – the community’s dignitaries and politicians – to be more than just spectators. They got to actively participate, pick up brushes, and contribute to the final touches, making the mural’s completion a collective and memorable endeavor!

The True Grand Finale

With each brush stroke by our community leaders, the Prado Dam Mural came to life in its entirety. This ceremony was more than just a formality—it was a celebration of art, history, and community spirit. To all our readers, sponsors, and everyone who’s been a part of this journey, a huge THANK YOU!


In wrapping up this thrilling chapter, the Prado Dam Ribbon Cutting Ceremony wasn’t just another event – it was a heartwarming testament to unity, dedication, and the magic that happens when a community comes together. From the depths of our paint-covered hearts at One Way Painting, thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. Here’s to many more colorful adventures ahead! Cheers!

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