The Best Dam Painters in Orange County: Our Painting Journey at Prado Dam

Welcome, Orange County locals! Have you ever had one of those moments where you just can’t help but smile ear-to-ear? That’s us, right now. Today, we are thrilled to share a journey close to our hearts—the restoration of the beloved Prado Dam Mural, as the Orange County painting company responsible for its renewed look in 2023. This treasured work of art has been warming the hearts of our community for decades. Come 2023, it finally received the much-awaited restoration it truly deserved. So, join us as we pull back the curtain and reveal the behind-the-scenes story of this extraordinary adventure.

What Patriotic Mural Was Restored on Prado Dam Near Corona?

The patriotic Bicentennial Mural at Prado Dam near Corona was restored in 2023, nearly 50 years after its creation in 1976 to commemorate the US Bicentennial. If you’ve ever taken a drive down the 91 freeway from Orange County to Riverside, you’ve no doubt seen this nearly 80,000 square foot mural near Corona.

Patriotic Mural at Prado Dam near Corona Over Time: Vintage mural in 1976, Defaced mural in 2022, Restored Mural in 2023

Who Painted the Prado Dam Mural?

In 1976, 30 high school students from the Corona area painted the Prado Dam Mural over two weekends, using 625 gallons of donated paints and materials from local small businesses. Led by Corona High School student, Terri Smith Ferguson, the students brought to life the mural designed collaboratively by Ron Kammeyer and Perry Shaefer.

The mural’s incredible creation was a true community effort, with students, paint donors, and supportive moms all joining hands to make it happen. It stands as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when a community comes together to make a difference.

Repainting Prado Dam in 2023

After nearly five decades, the mural was in dire need of a fresh coat of paint. However, the requirements for this restoration were much stricter compared to the laid-back days of the 70s. This time around, there was a need for a licensed and insured painting company. Known affectionately as “The Best Dam Painting Company” around – with tee-shirts to prove it – our team at One Way Painting proudly took on the task of repainting the vintage Prado Dam Mural in 2023, providing all the work at cost, using 500 gallons of paint donated by Dunn Edwards and Rust-Oleum, and funded entirely by the community.

One Way Painting team and their families at Prado Dam Mural’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on June 2, 2023.

NBC News Captures Prado Dam Mural Restoration!

Did you catch us on TV? Jeff, owner of One Way Painting, and his brother Jim were featured for this Prado Dam Mural resotration. We were honored to have NBC News Channel join us at Prado Dam, capturing a exciting moment in the mural’s restoration. If you haven’t witnessed this amazing short news segment yet, click below to watch the NBC News clip now!

Our First Venture Outside of Orange County

One Way Painting has always had its heart deeply rooted in Orange County, with our amazing team proudly painting the area for nearly half a century. Today, Jeff McCabe leads the way, carrying on the legacy of this family business founded by his father back in 1976. That pivotal year not only marked the beginnings of our company and the year Jeff was born, but also witnessed the debut of the Bicentennial Mural at Prado Dam. Coincidence? Maybe. But to us, it feels like everything’s come full circle with this restoration.

Orange County Painter, Jeff McCabe, of One Way Painting, featured on cover of Orange Magazine

While we remain committed to serving our local Orange County area, the amazing opportunity to restore the Prado Dam Mural was too big to pass up. Venturing to Riverside County, this project marked our first foray outside the familiar terrains of OC. As we crossed the county lines, we saw this endeavor not just as a geographical leap but also as a reminder of the mural’s deep ties to our very own Orange County.

Orange County’s Connection to the Prado Dam

While the Prado Dam Mural rests in Riverside county, its ties with Orange County are undeniable with the Prado Dam being crucial for many of us in OC. Built in 1941 as a flood risk management project, Prado Dam and its vast reservoir spread over 11,500 acres. Notably, the Orange County Water District lays claim to over 20% of that vastness. As the main regulator of the Santa Ana River, this dam plays a pivotal role in flood control and water conservation. Thanks to its presence, over 1.4 million of us in Orange County, along with $61 billion in property value, have a reliable defense against flood threats and stay shielded from potential damage.

A Renewed Masterpiece: The Restoration Results

Taking on such a historically significant project was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us. As Orange County painters, focusing on residential and commercial painting projects, this restoration was unlike any project we’d tackled before. The stunning results from our teams collaboration speaks for itself. But don’t take our word for it. Explore the 360-view below to see the renewed mural in all its color and detail.

Or better yet, take a drive down to Riverside to see it for yourself. And as you marvel at the renewed mural, we’re excited to shine a spotlight on those who made it possible. So now, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the skilled painters, renowned in Orange County, who have now added this remarkable restoration to their painting portfolio.

Meet the Incredible Painters Behind the Restoration

The success of this restoration is a testament to our incredible team. Working alongside our seasoned painters, many with nearly a decade under their belts with us, felt like a family reunion with a shared purpose. With each member dedicated and in sync, committed to reviving this piece of art for generations to come, our restoration team became a powerhouse for this project.

Orange County painters from One Way Painting Meeting With News Station. Brothers Jeff & Jim McCabe

Guided by the McCabe brothers – Jeff and Jim – our team enthusiastically embraced the task of repainting the vintage mural, initiating a new chapter in its history.

Also on board are foreman Luis Guillen and Alex Espinosa, along with skilled painters Fernando Luna and Alex Levya. Adding to our team’s strength, we have field supervisor Shane Clausen, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Orange County Painters on One Way Painting's Restoration Team repainting the Prado Dam Mural
From left to right: field supervisor Shane Clausen, owner Jeff McCabe, foreman Luis Guillen, painter Alejandro Leyva, painter Fernando Luna, and foreman Alex Espinosa

With our team by our side, we diligently followed the original design, restoring the mural to its full glory, paying close attention to every detail. We are exceptionally proud of the outstanding work accomplished by our restoration team.

Pioneering the Path: The McCabe Brothers Journey

At the heart of the mural’s restoration lies a profound community endeavor that was decades—yes, decades— in the making. Two familiar faces in our community, the McCabe brothers, Jeff and Jim, have been pillars throughout this journey. For over a decade, they have championed the mural’s revival.

For Jeff, owner of One Way Painting, the Bicentennial Mural at Prado Dam holds a special place in his heart. As a Bicentennial baby himeself, he has always felt a nostalgic connection to this cherished mural. But more than that, it was the rich history behind its creation that truly resonated with him. High school students voluntarily pouring their hearts into designing and painting it? That kind of community spirit struck a chord with him.

Seeing the mural’s deteriorating condition in 2012 left him disheartened yet determined to make a difference. Since then, Jeff made several offers to lend One Way Painting’s expertise in enhancing the mural’s appearance and aiding in its maintenance.

I wanted to repaint the dam after seeing it fall into disrepair. It was being tagged, it felt like people were disrespecting our flag and country.

Jeff McCabe, Owner of One Way Painting

But sometimes, good intentions meet real-world challenges. The vintage mural’s lead-based paint was one such hurdle. Nevertheless, Jeff’s determination to restore this symbol of freedom and unity never waned. When the time for restoration finally arrived, he was thrilled to lead the way on this prestigious project.

Our ‘One Way’ Philosophy Demonstrated at Prado Dam

At One Way Painting, we approach every project ‘one way’ – with professionalism and a dedication to excellence. We have always believed that every project, big or small, carries its unique essence. As a distinguished painting company in Orange County, we’ve earned our reputation by consistently delivering on this promise. Whether it’s repainting a treasured mural at the monumental Prado Dam or painting a home’s exterior, the principles remain the same: quality workmanship, courteous service, and a keen attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our numerous 5-star reviews.

In a world where taking shortcuts seems like the norm, we stand firm in our belief to deliver jobs with utmost integrity, every single time. The Prado Dam Mural was our canvas to demonstrate these values, and we hope it serves as a testament to what homeowners can expect when they welcome us into their homes.

Professionalism You Can Trust: Our Insurance Is Your Assurance

In today’s unpredictable world, there’s one thing you can always rely on with One Way Painting: top-tier professionalism. With full licensing and robust insurance, we’re anchored in doing business the right way. This isn’t just a motto; it’s our commitment. It assures our clients: “You’re in Safe Hands.” And our robust insurance? This isn’t just a formality—it provides a smooth and worry-free experience for everyone we work with. We understand the faith our clients place in us, which is why we invest significantly in these safeguards each year, shielding them from unforeseen complications, liability risks, and property damage. We’ve got you covered, quite literally. When clients choose One Way Painting, they are choosing peace of mind.

Why Orange County Homeowners Should Care About Their Painters’ Insurance

For California homeowners, the specifics of a contractor’s insurance might seem like background noise. But here’s the simple truth: inviting workers, like painting professionals, onto your Orange County property comes with the risk of potential liability.

Painters of One Way Painting working at Orange County Home

Consider the scenarios where a painter takes an unplanned slide off of a ladder while on your property or, heaven forbid, accidentally injures someone while reversing out of your driveway.

In such situations, the insurance carried by the professionals can make all the difference between a swift resolution and a prolonged ordeal. From minor mishaps like accidental spills to significant incidents like worker injuries, having proper insurance in place ensures that homeowners are shielded from potential legal or financial repercussions.

For homeowners eyeing bigger tasks, such as full exterior or interior home transformations, insurance isn’t just important—it’s imperative. Think about it: you’re giving someone the trust to overhaul a significant portion of your property, and that comes with its fair share of risks. To prevent unecessary burdens, make sure to work with a fully insured and licensed company.

Trusted for the Big Projects: Here’s Why

Taking on the monumental task of repainting the Bicentennial Mural at Prado Dam necessitated more than just skilled painters. The Riverside County Flood Control and Water District (Riverside County District) demanded a partner that could address a plethora of concerns. From safety and insurance coverage to technical expertise, the path of approval was rigorous. The bar was set high, but our unyielding commitment to top-tier standards ensured we cleared it with room to spare. Our status as a fully licensed and insured painting enterprise presented a solid foundation of trust. With an all-encompassing workers’ compensation and liability insurance in place, there was a guarantee of zero liability for our client – the Riverside County District.

Our Credetials at a Glance

When we say we’re prepared, we mean business. Here’s a quick look at the credentials that set us apart and made us the perfect fit for the monumental Prado Dam Bicentennial Freedom Mural project:

  1. State License: Assurance of our legitimacy and adherence to industry standards.
  2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Ensures that our clients are not liable for any worker injuries on their property.
  3. Employer’s Liability Insurance: Protects clients from potential legal claims arising from our workforce.
  4. Commercial General Liability: Safeguards property owners from any claims of damages or injuries during the project.
  5. Coverage for Bodily Injury & Property Damage: Provides assurance to our clients that their property and everyone on it are covered.
  6. Automobile Insurance: Guarantees any damages or issues related to our transportation during the project won’t fall on our clients’ shoulders.

Full Home Revitalisation & Commercial Projects Are Our Forte

When it comes to painting, One Way Painting isn’t just another name on the list. Our specialization lies in full exterior home painting, full interior rejuvenations, and expansive commercial projects. We’re not just talking about giving a single room a fresh coat. No, we’re about those larger projects that truly transform a home or building. While many might dabble in touch-ups or single-room revamps, our expertise has been honed through years of comprehensive work.

We’ve consciously chosen this niche not because of our extensive insurance coverage, but because it allows us to deliver the utmost value to our clientele. Our emphasis on larger endeavours ensures that our customers receive a service tailored to transformative projects. This is where our skills, experience, and resources can truly shine. By entrusting their significant projects to us, clients not only get quality but also the assurance of a job done right, from start to finish.

Safety First: Protecting Our Crew

Our insurance isn’t just about our clients; it’s very much about our crew, the heart and soul of One Way Painting. They’ve been with us for years, and they’re hands-down the best painters in around. We owe our reputation as the top painting company in Orange County to their dedication and skill. We want them to know we’re there for them, always. While accidents are rare, they can happen. And in those moments, we want our crew to feel secure, knowing they can focus on recovery and family time without any added financial stresses. Their health and well-being isn’t just a priority – it’s our top concern.

It’s with this mindset that we approached the Prado Dam project. Although scaling two-story homes in Orange County is familiar territory for our painters, painting the massive face of the Prado Dam spillway demanded heightened safety measures. Recognizing this, we ensured our crew underwent a rigorous 10-day safety training session before the work began. This training wasn’t just about understanding the spillway’s specifics but also mastering the techniques to work on it safely. Harnesses, safety gear, and every precaution were top of mind.

We’re honored to report that throughout the course of this monumental restoration project, we maintained an impeccable safety record with zero incidents. It’s a testament to our team’s dedication and the meticulous preparation that underscores every project we undertake.

Our Commitment to Quality Workmanship & Excellence

For us, doing things right is what we’re all about. Cutting corners? That’s just not how we roll. Instead, we commit to using only the finest materials and premium paints. Pair this with our robust warranties and pledge to never call a job complete until you are fully satisfied, and you’re assured of a paint job that doesn’t just shine but also endures.

Exclusively Premium Paints

In our business, settling for mediocrity is not an option.

That’s why we consistently trust and lean on industry-leading brands like Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams. Their superior quality products resonate perfectly with the diverse surfaces we handle, spanning both residential and commercial spaces.

Crafting Perfection at Prado Dam

When it came to restoring the iconic Bicentennial Mural at Prado Dam, we were charting unfamiliar territory. This wasn’t the typical Orange County home our team has spent years mastering. But even when faced with the unexpected, we were determined to maintain our gold standard. When you look at the Bicentennial Mural, you’re not just witnessing a cherished community treasure. You’re also seeing the results of using the crème de la crème of paint products. With the combination of premium paints donated from Dunn Edwards and Rust-Oleum, we are confident that the mural’s vibrancy will endure for years to come.

Leading the Pack with Our Unrivalled Warranties

When painting residential or commercial structures, there’s no generic solution. We select paints specifically tailored for each unique surface. Metal gates? Stucco walls? Siding? Wood doors? Each surface calls for a different paint. But paint selection goes beyond mere surface compatibility. It’s about recognizing the daily challenges a surface endures.

As painters adept at navigating the diverse landscape of Orange County — from the salty mist of Huntington Beach to the unpredictable whims of El Nino – we know that local factors play a vital role in every painting project. This intricate local knowledge is what sets our approach apart. It’s not just about choosing the right color. It’s about finding the right consistency, texture, sheen and staying power, ensuring durability and impeccable coverage. All those nitty-gritty details can make or break a paint job.

Our steadfast confidence in our approach translates to offering the most reliable painting warranties in Orange County. We don’t just recommend products; we stand by them. When our clients trust our paint suggestions, we back that trust with assurance.

Prado Dam: A Testament to Durability

Given the dam’s unique environment, marked by moisture-laden air, potential water damage, and gusty winds, the need for paints with enhanced resistance to fading was paramount. The paint must not only survive but thrive, retaining its vibrancy year after year. And that’s exactly what we aimed for and achieved with our selection. Our choice of paint, tailored to these conditions, ensured the mural not only looked magnificent but would continue to do so for years to come.

Thorough Preparation is Our Promise

At One Way Painting, we believe the secret to a perfect finish starts long before the first brush stroke. In every Orange County painting project, whether residential or commercial, we meticulously prepare surfaces, ensuring an impeccable result that truly shines. After all, excellence in painting isn’t just about the final coat—it’s about the foundation we lay.

Unparalleled Diligence in Exterior Home Painting Prep

With One Way Painting, every exterior home painting project is a demonstration of our skillset and attention to detail. Our process begins with a thorough power washing of your home to eliminate any traces of mold and mildew. Dry rot? That’s no match for us—we skillfully bondo the affected areas for seamless patchwork. Our team is also proficient in stucco patching, ensuring any necessary repairs are carried out to perfection. To guarantee longevity of the paint job, we trench around the foundation, making sure every part of the wall is impeccably painted. Rest assured, once the work is done, we ensure that everything is restored to its original place.

Experience the Best with Our Interior Home Painting Prep

Delivering excellence is not just about painting; it’s about the groundwork that precedes it. Our interior projects reflect our undying commitment to this sentiment. As specialists in full interior projects, we take all necessary precautions to safeguard your home during the painting process. This begins with diligently masking all areas that are not part of the paint job. We ensure that every inch of your home remains protected during our endeavor. Any imperfections are addressed with patches and primers, laying the groundwork for a flawless finish.

Behind-the-Scenes Prep Work at Prado Dam

Our motto of meticulous preparation seamlessly extended to our iconic project at Prado Dam, though our role was slightly different. While we didn’t oversee Prado Dam’s surface preparation via sand-blasting, our groundwork was crucial. Prior to laying down any paint on the spillway, we invested two days to surveying and mapping the age-old mural. This provided a tangible blueprint guiding our every move. As we progressed to the painting phase, each element received our careful attention. We meticulously measured and outlined each segment, ensuring an authentic recreation of the beloved 1976 mural.

Beyond Painting: Our Pledge to Courteous Service

For us, our service is about more than just painting; it’s about the entire experience. We’re all about being the kind of guests you’d invite back. We understand that when you choose us, you’re not just picking a painting company; you’re welcoming us and our painters into your personal spaces in Orange County, often your homes. Honoring this trust you placed in us is a responsibility we take seriously. Every site, be it a quiet home or the bustling Prado Dam, is treated with the utmost respect and care. In a nutshell, we’re all about doing our job efficiently, while being as unobtrusive as possible.

Maintaining a Tidy Work Space

We take pride in maintaining a clean and organized work environment. Whether we’re painting a residential property in Orange County or a landmark like the Bicentennial Mural, it’s always our goal to leave a space better than we found it. This includes picking up all equipment, materials, paint cans, and accumulated trash before we leave each day. Our commitment to cleanliness shone through in our work at the dam.

During the restoration, our team made it a top priority to diligently keep the area, particularly the walking and working surfaces, free from any potential hazards caused by debris or trash. This was crucial for protecting the surrounding areas, and something we knew our crew was well prepared to handle.

painters with paint & equipment at Prado dam for bicentennial mural restoration

Our company van was a big help here too! It was instrumental in making sure that no mess was left behind overnight, transporting materials each day. Keep an eye out for our iconic van in your neighborhood. We travel all over Orange County in it, and spotting it means our expert team is painting a home or business near you.

A Peaceful Experience: Our Quiet Approach

We’re always conscious of the little things: the volume of our radios, the chatter of our crew, and the hum of our equipment. We know these details matter. The Prado Dam Mural project? Perfect example. Even when our work called for power tools, we ensured minimal disruption. Before anything loud started, the project manager was informed. Additionally, we prepared methods for reducing the noise levels if necessary.

Efficient Planning, Effective Execution

Understanding and valuing our clients’ time is integral to our operations. We recognize the complexities and demands of expansive painting projects, so our goal is to alleviate any pressures for you. One of our initial steps is to acquaint you with your dedicated painting team – professionals who will be your partners from start to finish. We chart out the project’s trajectory, giving you a transparent view of the schedule and what to expect.

When it comes to painting Orange County homes, we know the intricacies like the back of our hand. Our approach prioritizes all the crucial preparatory steps, ensuring lasting results, while avoiding those unnecessary fluffs that can often escalate costs. This ensures our clients enjoy authentic, expert craftsmanship, free from unnecessary embellishments.

Precision and Efficiency at Prado Dam

Our efficiency was distinctly evident during the Prado Dam mural restoration. We carefully crafted a 24-day plan. This was central to the success of our restoration, allocating 2 days for thorough examination of the vintage mural followed by a 22-day repainting phase after the mural was removed. Here’s some insight into the method behind our madness:

  1. Segmented Approach: Instead of viewing the mural as a vast canvas, we broke it down into distinct, manageable sections, like painting the iconic Liberty Bell. This not only helped our team maintain focus but also ensured that each part received the specialized attention it deserved.
  2. Simultaneous Progress: Our experienced painters worked on multiple sections concurrently. This efficient technique not only accelerated our progress but also significantly reduced downtime associated with paint changes.
  3. Conserving Resources: Every drop of paint matters, especially when it’s generously donated. By systematically reducing the need for constant paint changes, we drastically cut down on waste. This not only made our process environmentally friendly but also ensured that every gallon was maximized to its fullest potential.

Our approach wasn’t just about speed; it was about resourcefulness. This methodical method meant fewer paint switches, reducing wastage and making the most out of every paint gallon donated. The end result? A magnificently restored mural, completed a month earlier than our goal for a July 4th, 2023 unveiling. Check out the mural lit up on that 4th of July.

Rising to the Challenges: Our Adaptability at the Prado Dam

Every project comes with its unique set of challenges, and our approach? Be prepared and stay adaptable. While most of our gigs involve residential and commercial spaces, where we seamlessly navigate gardens, unexpected weather changes, and even the family dog, repainting the Bicentennial Mural at Prado Dam brought a different game. Here, we had the added curveballs thrown by the natural environment around the dam. But hey, that’s what keeps us on our toes and ensures every project is a learning experience.

The Art of Color Matching

Ensuring we had the perfect paints and the right quantity was one thing, thanks to the generous donations for the Bicentennial Mural restoration. But determining the exact hues for this project was a quest in itself. Embarking on a recon mission, our team visited the vintage mural before its removal to survey the original artwork. Part of our task was to document the mural’s original shades.

But time had taken its toll on the mural. The mural’s faded colors, a challenge rarely encountered in residential or commercial projects, made color-matching a rather complex endeavor in this restoration. But adversity often inspires innovation.

Rather than seeing this as an obstacle, we saw it as an opportunity to reimagine the mural’s colors. Drawing inspiration from the American Flag, we set out to reinvent the mural’s color scheme.

Leveraging modern color-matching technology, we mirrored the lively red, pristine white, and deep blue hues of the American flag. The exact colors? Dunn Edwards’ Deep Sapphire for the blue, Red Contrast for the red, and Warm White for the white.

Navigating Nature’s Surprises in Painting Projects

For us at One Way Painting, adaptation is key. Recognizing that our clients frequently schedule around the work we undertake, we pride ourselves on being adept at maneuvering around unexpected weather changes. Rain might be a painter’s proverbial kryptonite, but we don’t let it wash away our plans. Instead of packing up and leaving, we redirect our focus to tasks like power washing and other preparatory work. This ensures the momentum of the project remains, even if Mother Nature has other plans. After all, painting in a downpour might be a no-go, but there are always other ways we can progress.

This was notably true for our Prado Dam Mural restoration. The final chapter in our Prado Dam Mural restoration was penned by none other than Mother Nature herself. Just as we neared completion, with the finish line almost in sight, the skies decided to open up. With only two days left to go, unexpected rain showers made us hit the pause button. Yet with years of painting experience, and having dealt with the fickle nature of Orange County weather, our painters took it in stride. Embracing these challenges is second nature to us, and while the rain might have introduced a brief intermission, it couldn’t dampen our spirit or determination.

Community: The Heart of Our Journey

No painting project is a solo journey, and that stands especially true for large-scale restorations like the Prado Dam Mural. The dedication and hard work of our community have been the driving force behind this restoration. We, at One Way Painting, are eternally grateful for the sense of community that rallied behind us. From elected officials and non-profit organizations to the Army Corps of Engineers, every hand lent made this ambitious endeavor possible. The restored mural stands as a lasting reminder of the power of grassroots efforts. Together, we have shown that when a community unites for a common cause, remarkable things can be achieved.

And to all our local friends in Orange County, whether you’ve had your home painted by us or you’ve simply followed along on this journey – your support has been invaluable. Each kind word has fueled us to push forward and give our best. We deeply appreciate your trust in us, whether it’s to transform the walls of your home or a treasured community mural. Thank you!

Documenting Our Progress: See It For Yourself

The Prado Dam Mural has been a community cornerstone since its inception, and we recognized that this restoration was a journey we all shared. We wanted you all to feel connected and engaged every step of the way, ensuring that you’re not just bystanders but active participants in this transformation. That’s why we committed to documenting the whole journey. Through daily time-lapse videos, candid team photos, progress reports and awesome drone shots from Alan Sturm, we opened our process for all to see. By sharing our journey, we hope you’ll feel a part of this historic transformation just as much as we do.

Just as we documented every step of the Prado Dam Mural restoration, we ensure transparency and engagement throughout our residential projects. We understand how important your home is to you. It’s more than just a property; it’s a space filled with memories and aspirations. We want you to feel as connected to the transformation of your home as we do. From initial consultations to the final unveiling, we maintain open communication channels. Our team is available to answer questions, provide updates, and reassure you that your home is in expert hands. We believe that you shouldn’t just witness the final result, but also be a part of the entire journey. That’s why we check in with you regularly.


The restoration of Prado Dam was a humbling journey for us. Melding excellence and professionalism, we aimed not just to repaint, but to revive a cherished community mural. This project was a heartfelt testament to our core beliefs. We hope our efforts resonate with the community, and that our work becomes a source of pride and joy for all to enjoy.

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