liberty bell without crack at prado dam

Liberty Bell Revived in Prado Dam Mural Restoration

Welcome back, cherished community members and mural enthusiasts, to our second progress report on the restoration of the Bicentennial Freedom Mural at Prado Dam. If you hadn’t heard yet, our team at One Way Painting was tasked with repainting the vintage mural in 2023 and the restoration is well underway. Today, we’re thrilled to announce to all of you that the Liberty Bell, an emblem that resonates with gatherings, shared values, and resilience, has been faithfully restored at Prado Dam. Join us as we celebrate this symbol of unity and embark on a shared journey to restore it.

April 17, 2023: The iconic Liberty Bell is now back at Prado Dam

Ringing in Unity: The Strength of a United America

As we press on with the restoration of the Prado Dam Mural, we are reminded of the significance that the Liberty Bell holds within its design. Representing the essence of community and the strength found in unity, the inclusion of the bell in the mural was born from the creative minds of high school students and visionary designers Ron Kammeyer and Perry Schaefer. Drawing inspiration from the unifying power of church bells, they recognized the symbolic nature of these bells in bringing people together during times of crisis, community gatherings, and worship. This concept of a bell bringing people together beautifully aligned with the Bicentennial theme, which sought to unite the nation and celebrate the diversity of its people.

Ron Kammeyer, Co-designer of Bicentennial Mural, Explains Why the Liberty Bell was chosen for the mural

Restoring the Liberty Bell at Prado Dam

In a remarkable feat, our restoration team successfully brought back the Liberty Bell to Prado Dam in just three days. Before we delve into the exciting details of this milestone, let’s take a moment to recap our progress thus far in our Prado Dam Mural restoration journey.

Recap of Our Journey So Far

  • With 10 days completed and 14 days remaining in our 24-day project, the restoration is already well underway.
  • Before the vintage mural was removed, we took 2 days to survey and document it. Following this, our part in the restoration was put on hold as the lead-abatement took precedence.
  • On April 3, 2023, we returned to Prado Dam and over 8 days we brought back the phrase ‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’ & the white backdrop around it.

Prep Work: Mapping Out the Liberty Bell’s Placement

Before we could start painting the Liberty Bell on the dam, we had to prepare carefully. Taking precise measurements, we meticulously marked all edges to ensure accurate placement. We completed this essential groundwork in the last phase of our project, after painting the bold phrase ‘200 YEARS OF FREEDOM’ in striking red but before painting the white background around it. By doing this preparation beforehand, we were able to streamline our workflow and paint the mural elements with the same colors simultaneously.

Check out some of these amazing images, capturing our process, taken by FAA licensed drone pilot, Alan Sturm.

Painting the Iconic Liberty Bell in 1 Day

With the prep work already done in advance during the previous stage of the project, we were ready to begin painting the Liberty Bell on Thursday, April 13th. In just a single day, our restoration team brought back the blue silhouette of the Liberty Bell.

Painting the Background Around the Bell

With the liberty bell restored, our next task was painting the white background around it. On Friday, April 14th, our team carefully outlined the liberty bell with white paint, establishing a distinct boundary. We continued painting the white background around the bell on Monday, April 17th. By the end of this Monday, the background around the bell was complete, bringing us one step closer to the mural’s full glory.

Still to Come: The Crack on the Liberty Bell

We’re sure you’ve noticed that there’s something special missing on the liberty bell – the iconic crack! But don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan. Jeff, the owner of One Way Painting, and his brother Jim will be taking on the responsibility of painting this historic detail. They are both thrilled to have this opportunity and excited to see it all come together. However, we won’t see the transformation just yet, as the crack is one of the final pieces to be painted.

liberty bell without crack at prado dam
The Liberty Bell, Without It’s Crack, and its white backdrop restored at Prado Dam on Monday, April 17, 2023.

Streamlining Our Workflow

During the restoration of the Liberty Bell, we implemented a strategic approach to maximize efficiency and minimize paint waste. By concurrently working on the year 1776, we ensured a seamless workflow. While painting the blue bell, we simultaneously outlined the numbers of 1776 in the same blue paint. Similarly, as we painted the white background around the bell, we filled in the white stars within the year 1776. By reducing the number of color changes, we minimized paint waste and streamlined the process.

Mural Restoration Sparks Media Buzz

In other news, our team was recently featured in an article highlighting our progress on the mural so far. We’re proud to be contributing to the community with this project and we hope you’ll check out the article and view some of the stunning images there.

Thanking Our Amazing Sponsor of the Liberty Bell: Nick Fahed Group

We owe a huge thank you to the incredible Nick Fahed Group for their support as the official sponsor of the Liberty Bell. Their incredible support and generosity as the official sponsor of the Liberty Bell has made all the difference. With their generous donation of $12,000, they have played a crucial role in preserving our beloved mural. Nick Fahed Group, your dedication and patriotism are truly inspiring, and we cannot thank you enough for being the driving force behind this meaningful project.

Thank You Nick Fahed Group: The Official Sponsor of the Liberty Bell

Dunn Edwards & Rust-Oleum: Thank You!

We want to give a big shoutout and heartfelt thanks to our amazing paint donors, Dunn Edwards and Rust-Oleum! Your generosity and support have made a world of difference in our restoration project. With your donation of 500 gallons of paint, we were able to bring the vibrant colors back to the Bicentennial Freedom Mural at Prado Dam. Your contribution has truly helped us paint a brighter future for this beloved community landmark.

Time-Lapse Video: Restoring the Liberty Bell

Are you ready to witness liberty being revived on the Prado Dam spillway. Then, you’re in luck. We recorded our entire restoration journey and here is a little piece of it, showing our team painting the Liberty Bell in 2023.


That’s it for this progress update. Thank you for following along with our progress on this exciting project. We hope you enjoyed seeing the journey unfold. Your support has been amazing, and we couldn’t have done it without you. But guess what? There’s more to come! Stay tuned for the next chapter of this historic project where we bring the years 1776-1976 back to life on the mural.

Thank you for your continued support of One Way Painting and the Bicentennial Mural Restoration project. Follow us on facebook for more updates.

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