The Finish

Paint is not just a colored substance that dries and leaves an attractive and protective coating on our homes.  While paint increases the beauty of your home, it also protects your home from sun damage, the weather and termites.  Paint is sunblock for your house.  Paint is part of a preventative maintenance program.  If you see peeling paint, separating caulk, mold, stucco cracking or bare wood, call us and make an appointment for an estimate with Jeff at One Way Painting.

Once you have decided to paint, protecting your investment and refreshing your home comes with many choices.  After you have selected your painting company and decided on your colors, you may wonder if you need to worry about the sheen or paint finish.

Matte, Velvet, Satin, Eggshell, Pearl, Semi-Gloss, Flat, Gloss, High Gloss, the list goes on and on.  Is the sheen durable, will the paint retain the color, is the paint mildew resistant, how many coats are needed for coverage and do certain finishes extent the life of the painting? It is similar to going to a restaurant and the menu gives you too many choices.  You just want to paint your home or business.

Paint sheen can be a personal preference, but there are certain guidelines to consider.  At One Way Painting, we are here to put your mind at ease.  We know what products to use and what products work best in each situation.  For example,  on stucco we always use a flat finish, as you do not want sheen on stucco.  Ceilings in many rooms require a flat paint also referred to as a matte finish as these finishes help hide any minor defects while absorbing the light.  Fascia, eaves, and sidings work in any sheen.  Wrought iron works best in an oil base semi-gloss.  The flossier the paint, the more stain resistance and the more washable your surface.  The gloss paint is great for heavy traffic areas  such as cabinets since it is less porous and easy to clean.

At One Way Painting, we understand you may have many questions and many concerns.  When you are painting the exterior or interior of your home or business,  we want to share our knowledge and our experience.  You can bring up any issues with Jeff the owner of One Way Painting when he is at your home or business to give you an estimate and also on the day of the job start.  Put your mind at ease and allow us to make your painting experience stress-free.  We will select the correct sheen for your painting needs.  Do not worry, as we are here to help you put your signature on your home or business.