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Interior Painting During the “EL NIÑO” Season

In Southern California, we are anticipating the long overdue “El Nino” winter season. “El Nino” will bring heavy rainfall coupled with heavy humidity levels which can affect house painting if not done properly. Working conditions are typically more stable indoors, and less subject to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Mostly, heavy rainfall can impact the productivity of a job, given that humidity calls for extra drying time in between coats, and for the final coat to harden and bond to the wall. Problems can always be eliminated by running the air-conditioning or heater to minimize humidity. Also, prior to the rain and painting, it is best to close all windows and doors, and seal any other openings which could allow moisture or dampness to enter the house. Make sure to check all openings for leaks.

One Way Painting would like to offer a discount to all of our customers that book a full interior painting job with us during the “El Nino” season. We don’t want our customers to feel as though their painting needs can’t or won’t be taken care of. We are prepared for the rain, and know what it takes to ensure a job well done, even with the heavy humidity levels. Jeff McCabe, the owner of One Way Painting, has experience working through an El Nino season, and has trained our crews on the types of paint to use, as well as tips to ensure our same job quality. We guarantee that we won’t let rainfall effect the way we run the business. We will allow the proper amount of time for the paint to dry, and match temperature to fit with the guidelines of the paint. It is important to our business to keep our employees working through the possibility of an El Nino season so that they can continue to provide for their families. If you have any questions or would like to book a painting estimate, please call Kelly  or Roxanne: 866-986-9781.