Choosing the Right Paint Brand

paint brushesHow to Choose the Right Paint Brand

Choosing the right paint brand can be a very confusing  and it always helps to have a professional’s opinion. Here at One Way Painting, we only use major brands when painting homes, and commercial businesses. Jeff always uses Dunn Edwards and Sherwin Williams as his go to brands unless otherwise instructed by the customer. They are great quality paint brands, and he has been using them consistently for years. They are definitely worth the few extra dollars.

Jeff suggests to always going with a brand that you are familiar with. Also, it is important that you are not fooled by false marketing labels. Sometimes you may see paint somewhere that is labeled with Martha Stewart or HGTV to draw you in only to find out that they are actually relabeling a cheaper brand that already exists. So be careful and don’t waste your money!

All paint brands have different grades as well. So do your research on which grades of the paint you want. This may also be a factor in helping you choose your brand. Also, you need to take certain factors into consideration when choosing your grade and brand of paint. If you are painting the exterior of the home or business then you will need paint with a higher grade so that it can withstand natural wear and tear caused by different weather conditions. Higher grade paint usually contains better resin which helps protect against UV rays (fading), and stand up to moisture.

One Way Painting has been in business for 38 years, and Jeff is always willing to give you his professional opinions and suggestions. We ask each customer to have color choices a couple of days before we begin the job and any questions before then can always be answered by Jeff or any staff members. Painting is a long term investment so let us help you to choose wisely!